Off the Wall

August 29-December 6, 2014


Off the Wall is an exhibition inspired by the minimal wall drawings and sculptures of Sol LeWitt. ​This two-parted exhibition will both trace the history of Sol LeWitt’s relationship with NMSU, as well as show the extent of his influence on a new generation of artists who use the surface of the wall as their canvas. Beginning on August 29th artists, assistants, and students will begin to create works which are installed directly onto the gallery walls. Part performance, part exploration into practice and exhibition design, this group exhibition will create a conversation which reveals the intricate processes of creating a minimal art work. ​The artists included in this exhibition are: Allie Rex, Nathan Green, Judith Braun, and Christie Blizard.

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Judith Braun- “Fingering #22: Emergent Self-Organizing Systems”


Nathan Green- “Civil Twilight (Drop Shadow)”



Christie Blizard- “Electric City”


Allie Rex- “Line Drawing”