GEOMAGIC Panel Discussion




The Geomagic Panel discussion, on October 13th, started off with an introduction of panelists Michelle Lanteri, Tiffany Santos, Kim Hanson, Kelsey McNamara, and Sara Woodbury. This panel focused on chosen questions by Tiffany Santos and Michelle Lanteri. Some of these questions included similarities and differences between art and science museums, education, and art collaborations in other museums. After this discussion the floor was then open to the audience to ask the panelists questions about the museums.

One of the similarities between museums that the panelists focused on was how the different museums display objects similarly according to sight. Some differences included spacing and how you talk about a piece to an audience member. Tiffany Santos pointed out during the discussion how it can be more difficult to talk about art, which is focused on ideas and emotions, whereas artifacts have facts and history that you can relay back to a viewer. Another main difference was that artists look at the world and try to make sense of it, and science museums focuses more on helping people better understand the world and history around them. Another important question that was asked was, ‘When it comes to displaying art and scientific exhibitions together would you recommend it?’ . Many of the panelists agreed that it could be tough because of conservation concerns. But the panelists agreed that the idea of merging art and science together is a very strong concept, and it can be used to further a story. For example, many times it can help a viewer to connect ideas together that they may have not done before.

Some of the audience questions focused on social media, how museums achieve donations for exhibitions, how lighting can affect displays, online exhibitions, virtual galleries, and simulated art vs. art in real life. If you would like to see the full panel discussion the videos are below! Also If you would like to watch the livestream on our facebook please click here!

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