Artist: Christine Nguyen visits NMSU

Zuhl8 Nguyen

June 23, 2016

Christine Nguyen, one of the featured artists in our upcoming exhibition GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection is in town today through Tuesday, June 29, 2016, for a week long residency at the Zuhl Collectoin. Christine proposed the production of a cyanotype depicting a crinoid fossil found in the Zuhl Museum’s collection. Nguyen will create a prehistoric underwater styled mural comprised of geometric, totem like structures, created from blackened clay, evaporative salt crystal liquid, local specimens found on Christine’s walks in the Mesilla Valley, and imprints made from the Zuhl collection itself. Watch this blog closely to read more about Christine’s visit and to learn more about other GEOMAGIC artists’ who are coming to Las Cruces to do their research in the Zuhl Collection.


If you are interested in her work please join us for the GEOMAGIC: Art, Science, and Zuhl Collection exhibition or visit her website at: