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GEOMAGIC Panel Discussion




The Geomagic Panel discussion, on October 13th, started off with an introduction of panelists Michelle Lanteri, Tiffany Santos, Kim Hanson, Kelsey McNamara, and Sara Woodbury. This panel focused on chosen questions by Tiffany Santos and Michelle Lanteri. Some of these questions included similarities and differences between art and science museums, education, and art collaborations in other museums. After this discussion the floor was then open to the audience to ask the panelists questions about the museums.

One of the similarities between museums that the panelists focused on was how the different museums display objects similarly according to sight. Some differences included spacing and how you talk about a piece to an audience member. Tiffany Santos pointed out during the discussion how it can be more difficult to talk about art, which is focused on ideas and emotions, whereas artifacts have facts and history that you can relay back to a viewer. Another main difference was that artists look at the world and try to make sense of it, and science museums focuses more on helping people better understand the world and history around them. Another important question that was asked was, ‘When it comes to displaying art and scientific exhibitions together would you recommend it?’ . Many of the panelists agreed that it could be tough because of conservation concerns. But the panelists agreed that the idea of merging art and science together is a very strong concept, and it can be used to further a story. For example, many times it can help a viewer to connect ideas together that they may have not done before.

Some of the audience questions focused on social media, how museums achieve donations for exhibitions, how lighting can affect displays, online exhibitions, virtual galleries, and simulated art vs. art in real life. If you would like to see the full panel discussion the videos are below! Also If you would like to watch the livestream on our facebook please click here!

Instagram post on the Panel



GEOMAGIC Artwork Spotlight

blog-imageThis week’s art spotlight for GEOMAGIC is focused on Emily Nachison and Amy Brener’s works. Emily Nachison’s piece titled Metonic Transfiguration is an installation that alludes to the history of scientific advancement. Through this piece Nachison sought to use mythology, scientific history, and new-age idealism as an overall theme. She also used cast glass as a way to represent preservation, fragility, impermanence, and transformation.


Amy Brener’s vertical sculptural pieces in GEOMAGIC are titled Jag and Jotter. Jag represents the fascination we feel when looking at exposures of geological stratification. Jotter “on the other hand” is more of a sculptural totem that mimics the texture of precious stones. Both of these sculptures were created out of resin, pigment, and found objects to closely resemble an interpretation between something both natural and man-made.

Both of these artists have amazing work in our exhibition GEOMAGIC and if you have yet to see it we encourage you to stop by! We also have a skype lecture on November 3rd, at 6pm with Artists Emily Nachison and Christine Gray so be sure to mark your calendars!

GEOMAGIC Lecture with Andrew Yang and Brian Hampton

This past Thursday we held our second GEOMAGIC lecture, “Time, Sediment, and Collective Transformation,”  This lecture  featured Artist Andrew Yang (via Skype) and Geologist Brian Hampton. Overall we had 41 people in attendance, and this was the gallery’s first Skype appearance! If you missed it don’t worry because you can view the pictures and videos below! Additionally, make sure to mark your calendars for our GEOMAGIC Panel Discussion on October 13 at 7 P.M.!







NEOMAGIC: 2016 Zuhl Student Exhibition




NEOMAGIC, juried by Marisa Sage and Tiffany Santos, is an exhibition featuring geological-inspired artworks by both undergraduate and graduate students from the NMSU Main Campus. With NEOMAGIC, the student version of the UAG’s GEOMAGIC, It was our intention to provide NMSU students an opportunity to show their work for an entire semester in conjunction with an exhibition featuring nationally renowned artists. This Juried Student Show also presented a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their talent and skills while responding to both geological pieces and the Zuhl exhibition.

The featured chosen student artists and their works are:

Jennifer Abeyta, Mirrored Defense
Debbie Jo Baxter, Skull
Maggie Day, Offering
Felicia Castro, Glam Rock #1, Glam Rock #2, Glam Rock #3
Rachel Cover, Untitled (Work #1)
Joshua Flores, Untitled
Eva Flynn, Badlands
Carissa Staples, Opal Essence
Lara Teich, The Damele, The Sardonyx, and the Abalone, Cabochon Potpourri

This exhibition will run through December 7th. If you would like to visit NEOMAGIC the Zuhl Museum is located inside the Alumni and Visitors Center. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8-5 p.m., and the second Saturday of each month, from 12- 5 p.m. Designated gallery parking is available, and general parking on the NMSU campus is free on weekends and after 5 p.m. on weekdays.

The Zuhl Museum offers guided tours of exhibits to community and school groups. Reservations are required to ensure appropriate staffing levels for a quality museum experience. For more information visit, or call 575-646-3616!

NEOMAGIC: Opening Reception

This past Friday the Zuhl Museum held the opening for NEOMAGIC: 2016 Zuhl Student Exhibition. NEOMAGIC is a geological-inspired juried student show that is accompanying our fall exhibition, GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection. This juried exhibition features artworks by 9 undergraduate and graduate students from the NMSU Main Campus. These artists include Jennifer Abeyta, Debbie Jo Baxter, Maggie Day, Felicia Castro, Rachel Cover, Joshua Flores, Eva Flynn, Carissa Staples, and Lara Teich. It was our intention to provide these NMSU students with an opportunity to show their work for an entire semester in conjunction with GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection which features many internationally-renowned artists! The visitors at the opening were fascinated by both the student work and Zuhl Collection. If you were not able to join in on the fun of opening night, don’t worry because you can still attend NEOMAGIC: 2016 Zuhl Student Exhibition until December 7th! Zuhl’s Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8-5 p.m., and the second Saturday of each month, from 12- 5 p.m!


GEOMAGIC: Ryan Thompson and Nancy J. McMillan




Our first GEOMAGIC Lecture in our series, “Color, Geology, Chemistry, and Relationships Between Humans and the Natural World” was this past Thursday! The lecture started off with a presentation about the science behind color by Geologist Nancy McMillan. Later on one of the featured artists, Ryan Thompson, who had flown in from Chicago to give a talk on his book “Bad Luck, Hot Rocks”  and his work featured in the GEOMAGIC exhibition. If you missed the lecture be sure to watch it below!  Additionally, make sure to mark your calendars for our second lecture on September 29th at 6pm. featuring Artist Andrew Yang (via Skype) and Geologist Brian Hampton!


Opening Reception of Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection

Our first exhibition of the 2016 Fall semester, Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collectionopened to the public on Thursday, September 8th. GEOMAGIC transformed the UAG into an interdisciplinary Wunderkammer-like collection of wonder and education, unifying contemporary visual art and natural sciences concepts, and inciting exploratory dialogues surrounding the ever-shifting relationships between humans and nature. This exhibition also paired objects from New Mexico State University’s Zuhl Collection of over 1,800 specimens of petrified wood, fossils, and minerals, with works by ten internationally-renowned artists who interrogate multilayered landscapes through a variety of media that echo the geological and explore great expanses of time through material. These featured artists include : Christine Gray, Jason Middlebrook, Megan Harrison, Amy Brener, Laura Moriarty, Katie Paterson, Emily Nachison, Christine Nguyen, Andrew Yang and Ryan Thompson.  Overall the opening reception was filled with art, science, and an amazing performance by the Em and Pop Jazz band. Check out our pictures below, and make sure to attend the opening for NEOMAGIC , a student show held in conjunction with GEOMAGIC, on September 23rd at 5pm in the Zuhl Museum.


Your General Store at the University Art Gallery

Your General Store, outside the University Art Gallery in the NMSU parking lot at University and Solano Avenues

Your General Store, outside the University Art Gallery in the NMSU parking lot at University and Solano Avenues


On August 15, 2015, via crane, Jason Middlebrook’s Your General Store descended upon the NMSU parking lot at the intersection of University and Solano Avenues, just outside the University Art Gallery in Williams Hall. Middlebrook’s store, a refurbished cargo vessel that operates as a trading post for artworks, originated at SITE Santa Fe and was an exterior component of the institution’s Unsettled Landscapes biennial exhibition (June 2014-January 2015). Your General Store, stocked with traded works by artists from around the globe, is reminiscent of a nineteenth-century general store and will be managed by an NMSU student during the Fall 2015 semester. Poised to travel throughout the United States, Middlebrook’s store will facilitate an inter-state exchange of art goods, whereby a national trade route of sorts will take shape.

At this point, you may wonder how you can get involved! There are four ways you can participate in this unique art happening/system-based installation:

1. Join us for the opening reception at the University Art Gallery and first round of artwork trades on Thursday, September 3, from 5-7 p.m.! (Note: The reception will also celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Between Here and There, featuring Paul Turounet and Terri Warpinski.)

2. Trade an artwork of your own creation for an art good of equal value at Your General Store! The store will be open from September 4 through November 7, 2015; the store’s hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Read more about Your General Store here.

3. Attend an artist talk by Jason Middlebrook at the University Art Gallery on Friday, September 4, from 6-7 p.m. Find out more about Your General Store; ask him the tough questions!

4. Get more information about Your General Store events on the University Art Gallery’s Facebook page.