Do you like working with young people and fostering creativity? Are you an Art or¬†Education major who wants to get involved in your community? The NMSU Art Gallery is looking for volunteers to guide children ages 4 through 14 during OutsmArt Workshops to be held in the NMSU Art Museum starting in February 2020. ¬†The gallery has been conducting these ¬†workshops since 2017 exposing children to art through exploration and play. ¬†Most of the classes are centered on the exhibitions in the gallery, practicing artists, and participatory play-based creative learning activities that boost student confidence and imagination. ¬†All workshops are free to the public. This is an excellent opportunity to put experience guiding and instructing children on your resume or artist’s CV!¬†Contact Bo Perry for any questions at

We held our last workshop May 25th until the move into the new building is complete. Everyone was very elated to see the Retablo collection and create Santos and Ex-votos inspired artwork. We want to thank the Western Heritage Bank for their generous support.

Images from the last workshop:





We held the last visual journaling workshop associated with the Wendy Red Star:The Maniacs (We’re Not The Best, But We’re Better Than The Rest) exhibition last Saturday. ¬†The turn-out was great and once again we had a multi-generational group making the dynamics very interesting. The goal was to identify a favorite song and think of way to represent the lyrics through art. ¬†Strange Fruit¬†andTwinkle Twinkle Little Star are just two of the songs we worked with. ¬†Some students opted to use collage while another artist chose water colors, and our younger students created some 3D work gluing objects to their drawings. ¬†We always end the workshops with a review so students can discuss their work. ¬†We have two FREE workshops left, one on April 7th and May 5th. ¬†More information can found at¬†





Our Saturday artists are at it again! ¬†The new year has started with two workshops already, and we are hoping to see more participants at these FREE events. ¬†We are encouraging people of all ages attend these fun and creative classes to add to the learning experience for everyone. ¬†During the first workshop titled, Visual Journaling: Paste up! My Family Tribute in Collage”¬† students worked on scrapbooking/collage projects that were tributes to their friends and family. ¬†This activity was directly related to the current exhibition,¬†Wendy Red Star:The Maniacs (We’re Not The Best, But We’re Better Than The Rest),¬†a tribute to the all Crow band The Maniacs in which Red Star’s father, Wallace Red Star Jr was the lead guitar and vocalist. ¬†If you have not seen this exhibition we encourage you to come before it closes on March 16th, 2018. ¬†There will be two additional workshops, one on March 3, 2018 and the other on March10, 2018 that are also visual journaling similar to the first workshop and also connected to the current exhibition.

On February 3rd we all created stylized self-portraits and then everyone had a chance to discuss their work.  There will be an educational workshop led by graduate students for those who are 16 and up on April 7, 2018.  The last workshop of the spring semester is titled Working with Paper Sculptures on May 5, 2018 for ages 5-15.   All workshops start at 1:00 pm and are scheduled for an hour.  We had 11 people attend the first one and 20 at the second class and we are hoping to see our attendance go up again. Sometimes we do run over but that is because we are having so much fun.





The gallery held its final workshop for the month of September focusing on mosaics.  Prior to starting, we discussed the history of this art form, and how artists can create beautiful compositions using things that have been broken. Students were shown examples of mosaics in progress and others that were finished.  There were plenty of materials available, from rocks to gems for them to work with as they planned how to design their mosaics.  At the end of the class we had some completed works and a few students were going to continue working at home.  We also revisited patterns, a concept we talked about a few weeks ago.  The work that art students created from prior workshops is hanging up in the front hallway for visitors to view.














We had another fantastic OutsmArt Workshop last Saturday.  Instead of creating traditional art objects the students engaged in performance art, an art form in which the focus is on what the artist is doing.  Everyone picked a card as a kind of story starter or they could make something up on their own.  If they wanted help from the audience they could ask for volunteers. Some of the performances included riding a bike for the first time, decorating a Christmas tree, doing something over and over again, students mirroring one another, and struggling to wrap a package.  The students were very dramatic and some were very methodical in their performances. Next week we are going to make mosaics and hope to see you there. The workshop will run from 1pm to 2pm.   If you are interested and would like to RSVP for this event, please visit our Facebook event page:









Last Saturday our children’s workshop focused mainly on the use of patterns in art. It is really fun to watch the students run with their ideas after learning about the concept. Some of them are so deliberate with their process while others take their time to formulate what they are going to do. One student already knew about patterns and created work that also had rhythm while another youngster kept experimenting until he had a wonderful landscape using patterned stencils. The workshops are designed to let the children explore their ideas and create a unique piece of art. ¬†That is what is so great about participating and it is free. This coming week we are going to talk about “Performance Art” and engage in some live art! ¬†Below are images from our first two workshops of the fall semester.





OutsmART: Today’s Kids / Tomorrow’s Artists Workshop Week 1 Fall 2017

The University Art Gallery (UAG) is proud to continue its children‚Äôs workshops based on the current exhibition, Fugitive Fibers. Over 20 students and parents participated in the first workshop, “Environmental Impact in Art”, held last Saturday. The focus was on ways in which artists communicate contemporary issues through their work, for example pollution and the impact of Global Warming. The students were provided a specific topic related to Global Warming and corresponding graphic images from multiple sources to create a poster with a message or theme on reducing pollution and global warming. The students all had a grasp of the topic and immersed themselves in the cutting and gluing required to produce their artwork.

Workshops will be held the next three Saturdays in September from 1:00-2:00 pm. The workshops are free and open to the public and will culminate with a show featuring artwork made by the participants in the UAG lobby on September 23rd at 2 PM. These events are open to children of all ages; however, they are primarily geared towards ages 5-15. If you are interested and would like to sign up for this event, please visit our Facebook event page: .











































OutsmART: Today’s Kids / Tomorrow’s Artists Workshop Week 3

This past Saturday, July 8th, we held the third ‚ÄúOutsmART: Today‚Äôs Kids / Tomorrow‚Äôs Artists‚ÄĚ, a series of workshops in the University Art Gallery. We had 30 parents and children in attendance. Our topic for this workshop was symmetry, focusing on the works Ancient Cosmic Seas by Christine Nguyen and As Far as the Eye can See by Terri Warpinski currently on display in the New Acquisitions / Nuevas Adquisciones exhibition.

Each child was given a sheet of paper with their names written in cursive with its mirror image on it; they then created a creature or an object based on what they thought their name looked like. The finishing products were so highly decorated and symmetrical that the observer could not longer tell what the name was underneath. This thus proved the lesson of the workshop.

We sought to teach the children that symmetry is all around us, and that symmetry, as well as decoration, can serve to make objects appear more appealing. An example we gave the children of this was the online quiz sites where you can test your favorite celebrities (the one’s you find most attractive) level of facial symmetry. Generally the more symmetrical and object is the more attractive it appears to the human eye.

At the end of the workshop many of the children understood the concept of symmetry and how it is used all around us from nature to media.

The third workshop went very well and we are very excited for the the last workshop, focusing on printmaking, that will take place this next Saturday, July 15th. The last workshop will be followed by a reception featuring all of the works created by the children over the past four week at 3:00 PM on the 15th in the UAG hallway.

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OutsmART: Today’s Kids / Tomorrow’s Artist Workshop Week 2

The second ‚ÄúOutsmART: Today‚Äôs Kids / Tomorrow‚Äôs Artists‚ÄĚ workshop was held this past Saturday, July 1st. We had 30 parents and children in attendance at the event held in the University Art Gallery. Our topic for the workshop was cultural stereotypes, focusing on the Four Seasons suite of photographs by Wendy Red Star currently on display in the New Acquisitions / Nuevas Adquisciones exhibition.

The children were split into four groups and each group had a different country to work on; the countries included: the United States of America, France, England, Mexico, and South Africa. The kids decorated the posters with whatever they think represented the country in question, most of which was very stereotypical and thus proved the point of the lesson. We wanted to show the children that stereotyping is ingrained into our thinking in some of the most mundane ways. This included the widely held understanding that all of Africa is hot and full of exotic animals; or for instance that France is only about food, mimes and the Eiffel Tower.

The children were allowed to move from country to country so that we would have as many viewpoints as possible. After the posters were finished we hung them up on the wall and had the kids pose in front of them in ways they thought were ‚Äúappropriate‚ÄĚ for the country in question. These poses included ‚Äúplaying soccer‚ÄĚ for Mexico, ‚Äúbeing a mime‚ÄĚ for France, ‚Äúriding a camel‚ÄĚ for Africa, and ‚Äúshooting a gun/weapon‚ÄĚ for the United States, and many more. The poses and posters were captured on camera.

Several of the children, at the end of the workshop, understood how stereotype surrounds us everyday in movies, TV, magazines, books, and ever sometimes school. They also learned that stereotypes are not necessarily bad/false, nor are they good/true, because stereotypes all evolve form from some sort of truth no matter how small it is. However, although stereotypes may originate from a truth the children understood that because of great exaggeration stereotypes have become negative.

The second workshop went very well and we are very excited for the next three, including lessons on symmetry (and how is sometimes influences the observer’s conceptual understanding of an artwork), and printmaking!

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Welcome Back Marisa Sage

Exciting changes are happening at the NMSU Art Gallery!

We welcome Marisa Sage, Director of the University Art Gallery from 2014-16, back to Las Cruces! She returns to her position beginning July 5, 2017. Be sure to look out for a welcome newsletter from her next month and say hello to her at the Closing Reception: New Acquisitions / Nuevas Adquisiciones on Friday, August 18!

We say farewell and thank you to Michelle J. Lanteri, who has served as University Art Gallery interim director for the past ten months. This fall, she is joining the Native American Art History PhD program at the University of Oklahoma as an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellow.

Want to stay up with the latest NMSU Art Gallery news? Join our e-mailing list here:




OutsmART: Today’s Kids / Tomorrow’s Artists Workshop Week 1

The first ‚ÄúOutsmART: Today‚Äôs Kids / Tomorrow‚Äôs Artists‚ÄĚ workshop was held this past Saturday June 24th. We had 40 parents and children in attendance at the event located in the University Art Gallery. Our topic for the workshop was propaganda and symbolism, focusing on the Don M. Gonzales Poster Collection currently on display in the New Acquisitions / Nuevas Adquisciones exhibition. The children created two different collage artworks.

For one of the art projects, we asked the children to create a propaganda poster convincing their viewer of something. The kids chose something they wanted to convince their parents of, for example that they deserved a phone, a puppy, a toy. The propaganda posters ended up resembling a list of reasons for why the children should get what they want, or a picture of what they wanted. However, the idea of symbolism seemed to make more sense to the kids, especially after some questions about the concept were brought up. Our hope was for the kids to understand that symbolism can convey different emotions using a range of symbols. For example, if the children wanted a cat (which many of them did) we discussed how they would feel, namely happy, and how they could depict that happiness in a symbol.

This use of symbolism also helped with the other art project the kids were asked to create. For the second artwork, the children answered the question ‚Äúwhat is home?‚ÄĚ Several of the ideas thrown around were ‚Äúhome is love‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúhome is comfort, warmth, safety, fun.” With the help of their parents, the kids were able to create a symbolic representation of ‚ÄúHome‚ÄĚ using things such as hearts to represent love, or their favorite color to symbolize happiness.

Several of the children, at the end of the workshop, understood how symbolism and propaganda appeals to emotions rather than judgment and reasoning.

The first workshop went very well and we are very excited for the next three, including lessons on cultural stereotype, symmetry (and how is sometimes influences the observer’s conceptual understanding of an artwork), and printmaking! In the following weeks we will focus on artworks by Terri Warpinski, Jenny Morgan, Christine Nguyen, Wendy Red Star and others.

Please join us for the next 3 workshops July 1, 8, and 15th at 1:30-2:30PM, as well as a closing children’s art show on July 15th at 3:00PM!

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Opening Reception: New Acquisitions / Nuevas Adquisiciones

We had a great turn out for the opening reception, thanks to everyone who attended! Works including those by Joshua Shane Flores, Felice House, Zachery Lechtenberg, Jason Middlebrook, Mónica Martínez, Jenny Morgan, Christine Nguyen, Wendy Red Star, Jim Waid, Terri Warpinski, Kerianne Quick, and selections from the Don M. Gonzales Poster Collection are on display. Admission is free, come see the exhibition now through August 18th!

Please join us for the closing reception on August 18th! Light refreshments will be served.

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Q&A With the Artist: Yolanda Cooper

The NMSU Art Gallery is proud to present a new community event: Q&A with the Artist. The first iteration of this format featured Yolanda Cooper, this year‚Äôs MFA graduate, who was interviewed by Michelle Lanteri, interim gallery director. During this discussion, Cooper provided audiences with insights into her themes, processes, and intentions for the ‚ÄúLife As It Is‚ÄĚ panel series. Cooper‚Äôs MFA exhibition, also titled ‚ÄúLife As It Is,‚ÄĚ will be on view from April 28 through May 13, 2017.

To watch a video of the Q&A with Yolanda Cooper, check out the video on our Facebook page,






Almost Famous Student Art Sale

The first annual Student Sale took place Friday, April 28th from 4-7pm. All mediums were represented, from painting, prints, photography, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, and mixed media. The money raised at the student sale not only support the individual students, but also the NMSU Department of Art clubs which give students opportunities to go to conventions, symposia, and other enriching activities that supplement their education. A portion of the art sales went to support the Williams Hall Renovation Project and will be matched by Ammu and Rama Devasthali. In addition, the funds from any Friends of the University Art Gallery memberships purchased during the sale also went towards the William Hall Renovation Project.


The sale was sponsored by the Friends of the University Art Gallery.






Opening Reception: Yolanda Cooper’s MFA Thesis Show: Life As Is and the 2017 Juried Student Show

On April 28th, 2017 the NMSU Art Gallery presented an opening reception for two new exhibitions: ‚ÄúLife As It Is‚ÄĚ by Yolanda Cooper (MFA Thesis Exhibition) and the 2017 Juried Student Show.

This solo exhibition by Yolanda Cooper is comprised of a series of complex and deeply personal self-portraits of the artist. These scintillating works are visual materializations and embodiments of the artist’s fight for her place in the present moment.

The Juried Student Show is an annual tradition; it features a wide range of artworks by both undergraduate and graduate students at New Mexico State University. This year’s juror is Steven Randall, the 2016-17 Border Art Residency participant.

The Juried Student Show Awards Ceremony was also held the same night where students were awarded scholarships and awards for the upcoming school year.





Listening Party: TED Podcast ‚ÄúPlaying With Perceptions”


Last night we had our first KRWG + University Art Gallery Listening Party, TED Podcast “Playing With Perceptions,” in the University Art Gallery. We were excited to have this new event because it combined both a Listening Party and Community Conversation! Our Listening Party gathered people to hear an NPR broadcast as a catalyst for conversation. This event was held in the University Art Gallery and moderated by KRWG‚Äôs reporter, Simon Thompson







Photo Narrative Workshop with Wes Kline

Wes Kline, NMSU Department of Art Assistant Professor of Photography, had a workshop where he taught the attendees about making their own photo narrative artworks! All that was required for this workshop was any type of device that had a camera, so something as simple as a cell phone camera was used to make the images for the workshop. Kline guided the group through taking pictures in a narrative format, then the photographs were printed so everyone was able to keep the images that they took during the workshop.









Opening Reception: Doug DuBois

Presented by the Aperture Foundation and the Hermès Foundation, this touring exhibition is the first mid-career survey of Doug DuBois’s photographs from three different bodies of work: All the Days and Nights, Avella, and My Last Day at Seventeen. DuBois, who was at the reception, is a former faculty member of the Department of Art at New Mexico State University and currently teaches in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University.



Artist Talk: Doug DuBois

DuBois, a former faculty member of the Department of Art at New Mexico State University who currently teaches in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, discussed his art practice in his Artist Talk. This was an associated program of the NMSU Art Gallery’s current show, In Good Time: Photographs by Doug DuBois, a touring exhibition presented by the Aperture Foundation and the Hermès Foundation. In Good Time is the first mid-career survey of Doug DuBois’s photographs from three different bodies of work: All the Days and Nights, Avella, and My Last Day at Seventeen. The exhibition will run from Feb.23-Apr. 15, 2017








Friends of the University Art Gallery 2nd Annual Valentine’s Party: Masquerade Ball

Tonight was the Friends of the University Art Gallery’s 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Party, and this year we had a masquerade theme! There was food and drinks, music by DJ Manny Macias that kept the dance floor going, as well as a mask making station and contest, and original art giveaways! There was also a selfie station that produced some amazing pictures! The best mask contest had two amazing winners, and the original artwork that was given away was made by current and alumni of the NMSU Department of Art. Make sure to keep your ears open for the next event put on by the Friends of the University Art Gallery.

And for more photos of the party, or any of our other events, check out our Facebook page at



Space Harmonic Performance by Wes Kline

Wes Kline, Impermanent Topography exhibiting artist and NMSU Department of Art faculty member, had an intermedia performance that corresponds to his and Erika Lynne Hanson‚Äôs site-specific installation, ‚ÄúVaried Choreographies (desert, dialogue, debris).‚ÄĚ Kline, who performed within a created space, was able to use sound to amplify his installation. Kline, who teaches photography, gave new insight to his work, and had a section of question and answers after the performance to further explain his work.

To watch the whole Space Harmonic performance, check out the video on our Facebook page,



Artist Talks: Wes Kline, Bree Lamb, and Tauna Cole-Dorn

Our second installment of Artist Talks for the Impermanent Topography exhibition included talks by Wes Kline, Tauna Cole-Dorn, and Bree Lamb, NMSU Department of Art faculty members. Each artist discussed their work to give insights into their works featured in the Impermanent Topography  exhibition.



Artist Talks: Jessika Edgar and Richard Hesketh

Our first Artist Talk of the Impermanent Topography exhibition is with NMSU Department of Art faculty members and ceramics professors, Jessika Edgar and Richard Hesketh. In their talks they discussed and provided insight into their works featured in Impermanent Topography exhibition, as well as their process and concepts of their works. The talks were followed by a Question and Answer section for all of the attendees to ask question to both professors.



Finding a Path: Collaborative Tape Sculpture with Motoko Furuhashi

The Finding a Path Collaborative Tape Sculpture with Motoko Furuhashi was a huge success! This collaborative piece was made in the same style as Furuhashi’s other works in the Impermanent Topography exhibition, and she walked the participants through her process and concepts in her work. Special thanks to the artists that helped with the collaborative sculpture: Motoko Furuhashi, Melissa Adame, Debbie Jo Baxter, Victor Beckmann, Eva Gabriella Flynn, John Denny, Michelle Lanteri, Haley Luster, Bradley Oechsler, Mariah Shelby, and Juan Villalobos!



Opening Reception: Impermanent Topography

Tonight was the opening of the Impermanent Topography exhibition, that featured works by eleven NMSU Department of Art faculty and staff members. Impermanent Topography addresses the social, political, geographical, and cultural landscapes that comprise our ever-shifting understandings of contemporary life. This exhibition grapples with the unwieldy intersections of memory, selfhood, and information through human inscriptions of identity in paint, metal, clay, digital media, and experimental sculpture.

Curated by Michelle Lanteri, Impermanent Topography includes artwork by Julia Barello, Tauna Cole-Dorn, Craig Cully, Jessika Edgar, Motoko Furuhashi, Richard Hesketh, Wes Kline, Adam Labe, Bree Lamb, Jacob Mu√Īoz, and Rachel Stevens.



Geomagic: Artist Lecture (Amy Brener and Emily Johnson)

Tonight was our next addition to the Geomagic: Artist Talk series. Artist Amy Brener, via Skype, gave a lecture on the process of making her work. She presented images of her work and told background and process of the work. Geologist Emily Johnson, NMSU faculty member in the Department of Geological Science also gave a lecture about her research. Both lectures were completely different in nature, one discussing art and the other geology, but each lecture was a beautiful compliment to the Geomagic show which seamlessly combined art and geological specimens.

For a video of this lecture, visit our Facebook page at



Geomagic: An Evening of Performance

We had such an amazing night of performances surrounded by the beauty of the Geomagic exhibition in the NMSU University Art Gallery. The night kicked off with Megan Harrison, one of the artists featured in Geomagic, along with Jimmy James Canales and their collaborative performance. The audience was in awe as the lights went down and the performance began. The night continued with performances by Larissa Lury, the Assistant of Theatre Arts at NMSU, and the NMSU Collaborative Theatre-Making students. Prior to the night performances, Lury and her students came to the gallery and each picked pieces in the show and made collaborative performances based on the pieces in the show. The performances inspired by the pieces, performed amongst the amazing artwork was transformative and beautiful. The Friends of the University Art Gallery also sponsored a Meet and Greet at intermission.

For videos of all performances, visit our Facebook page at







GO Bond C passed!

The College of Arts and Sciences has established the renovation of Williams Hall as one its top fundraising projects. Originally constructed in the 1930s as the university's gymnasium, Williams Hall currently houses the Department of Art and University Art Gallery. (Courtesy Photo) DEC14

Eleven, Eleven make a wish! We wished for a new facility for the department of art, and with all the help and support of those who voted for bond C this past week made our wish come true! Within the next few years construction will start to begin building a new art department building and gallery. We couldn’t be more appreciative of the new space to house our collection of retablos and contemporary works that make up our collection, a new exhibition space, as well as an improved studio environment for our students. Click here to see some of the mock up photos!





GEOMAGIC Skype Lecture: Mythologizing Natural Phenomena, Scientific History, and New-Age Idealism
Artists: Christine Gray and Emily Nachison

Untitled-2Last Thursday night, which was November 3rd, we had our second Artist Talk Via Skype call, but our first time group calling to have two artists via skype at once give a lecture! We are making progress into the future of artist’s talks! The lecture was very successful and plenty of people joined us to hear artists Emily Nachison and Christine Gray talk to us about their work. Emily Nachison’s work in GEOMAGIC include Metatonic Transfiguration and Divination Rods of which are installations consisting of cast glass sculptures. Christine’s paintings Case Study, Aura Object in Olive Space, and Siren (The Way She Dance) are also exhibited in GEOMAGIC. If you missed it don‚Äôt worry because you can view¬†the pictures and videos in the link below!¬†Additionally, make sure to mark your calendars for our¬†GEOMAGIC: An Evening of Performance with artists Megan Harrison and Jimmy James Canales, NMSU Assistant Theatre Professor Larissa Lury, and the NMSU Collaborative Theatre-Making students on November 17th starting at 6 pm inside the gallery! There will also be a Meet and Greet intermission sponsored by the Friends of the University Art Gallery at 7 p.m.¬† ¬†See the photos and videos from the skype lecture HERE!¬†




GEOMAGIC Panel Discussion

The Geomagic Panel discussion, on October 13th, started off with an introduction of panelists Michelle Lanteri, Tiffany Santos, Kim Hanson, Kelsey McNamara, and Sara Woodbury. This panel focused on chosen questions by Tiffany Santos and Michelle Lanteri. Some of these questions included similarities and differences between art and science museums, education, and art collaborations in other museums. After this discussion the floor was then open to the audience to ask the panelists questions about the museums.

One of the similarities between museums that the panelists focused on was how the different museums display objects similarly according to sight. Some differences included spacing and how you talk about a piece to an audience member. Tiffany Santos pointed out during the discussion how it can be more difficult to talk about art, which is focused on ideas and emotions, whereas artifacts have facts and history that you can relay back to a viewer. Another main difference was that artists look at the world and try to make sense of it, and science museums focuses more on helping people better understand the world and history around them. Another important question that was asked was, ‚ÄėWhen it comes to displaying art and scientific exhibitions together would you recommend it?‚Äô . Many of the panelists agreed that it could be tough because of conservation concerns. But the panelists agreed that the idea of merging art and science together is a very strong concept, and it can be used to further a story. For example, many times it can help a viewer to connect ideas together that they may have not done before.

Some of the audience questions focused on social media, how museums achieve donations for exhibitions, how lighting can affect displays, online exhibitions, virtual galleries, and simulated art vs. art in real life. If you would like to see the full panel discussion the link to the video is here!




GEOMAGIC Artwork Spotlight

blog-imageThis week’s art spotlight for GEOMAGIC is focused on Emily Nachison and Amy Brener’s works. Emily Nachison’s piece titled Metonic Transfiguration¬†is an installation that alludes to the history of scientific advancement. Through this piece Nachison sought to use mythology, scientific history, and new-age idealism as an overall theme. She also used cast glass as a way to represent preservation, fragility, impermanence, and transformation.

Amy Brener’s vertical sculptural pieces in GEOMAGIC are titled Jag and Jotter. Jag represents the fascination we feel when looking at exposures of geological stratification. Jotter “on the other hand” is more of a sculptural totem that mimics the texture of precious stones. Both of these sculptures were created out of resin, pigment, and found objects to closely resemble an interpretation¬†between something both natural and man-made.

Both of these artists have amazing work in our exhibition GEOMAGIC and if you have yet to see it we encourage you to stop by! We also have a skype lecture on November 3rd, at 6pm with Artists Emily Nachison and Christine Gray so be sure to mark your calendars!




Don M. Gonzales Poster Collection

Our Collections Manager, Amanda Castillo, has been working diligently on a new acquisition to the the gallery and we finally have some photos of the collection to share with you! The UAG received a donation of 88 color lithographs based on World War I and World War II propaganda as well as European advertising posters.





GEOMAGIC Lecture with Andrew Yang and Brian Hampton.

img_1348This past Thursday we held our second GEOMAGIC lecture, ‚ÄúTime, Sediment, and Collective Transformation,‚ÄĚ ¬†This lecture ¬†featured Artist Andrew Yang (via Skype) and Geologist Brian Hampton. Overall we had 41 people in attendance, and this was the gallery’s first Skype appearance! If you missed it don’t worry because you can view¬†the pictures and videos in the link below!¬†Additionally, make sure to mark your calendars for our¬†GEOMAGIC Panel Discussion on October 13 at 7 P.M.! ¬† See the photos and videos from the lecture here!








NEOMAGIC: Opening Reception

¬†img_2494This past Friday the Zuhl Museum held the opening for NEOMAGIC: 2016 Zuhl Student Exhibition. NEOMAGIC is a geological-inspired juried student show that is accompanying¬†our fall exhibition, GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection. This juried exhibition features artworks by 9 undergraduate and graduate students from the NMSU Main Campus. These artists include¬†Jennifer Abeyta,¬†Debbie Jo Baxter,¬†Maggie Day,¬†Felicia Castro,¬†Rachel Cover,¬†Joshua Flores,¬†Eva Flynn,¬†Carissa Staples, and¬†Lara Teich. It was our intention to provide these NMSU students with an opportunity to show their work for an entire semester in conjunction with GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection which¬†features¬†many internationally-renowned artists! The visitors at the opening were¬†fascinated by both the student work and Zuhl Collection. If you were not able to join in on the fun of opening night, don‚Äôt worry because you can still attend NEOMAGIC: 2016 Zuhl Student Exhibition until December 7th! Zuhl’s Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8-5 p.m., and the second Saturday of each month, from 12- 5 P.M.!¬†¬†See more photos from the opening here!



GEOMAGIC: Ryan Thompson and Nancy J. McMillan


Our first GEOMAGIC Lecture in our series, ‚ÄúColor, Geology, Chemistry, and Relationships Between Humans and the Natural World‚ÄĚ was this past Thursday! The lecture started off with¬†a¬†presentation about the science behind color by Geologist Nancy McMillan. Later on one of the featured artists, Ryan Thompson, who had flown¬†in from Chicago to give a talk on his book ‚ÄúBad Luck, Hot Rocks‚ÄĚ ¬†and his work featured in the GEOMAGIC exhibition. If you missed the lecture be sure to watch it through the link below! ¬†Additionally, make sure to mark your calendars for our second lecture on September 29th at 6pm. featuring Artist Andrew Yang (via Skype) and Geologist Brian Hampton! See more here







Opening Reception of Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection


Our first exhibition of the 2016 Fall semester, Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection, opened to the public on Thursday, September 8th. GEOMAGIC transformed the UAG into an interdisciplinary Wunderkammer-like collection of wonder and education, unifying contemporary visual art and natural sciences concepts, and inciting exploratory dialogues surrounding the ever-shifting relationships between humans and nature. This exhibition also paired objects from New Mexico State University’s Zuhl Collection of over 1,800 specimens of petrified wood, fossils, and minerals, with works by ten internationally-renowned artists who interrogate multilayered landscapes through a variety of media that echo the geological and explore great expanses of time through material. These featured artists include : Christine Gray, Jason Middlebrook, Megan Harrison, Amy Brener, Laura Moriarty, Katie Paterson, Emily Nachison, Christine Nguyen, Andrew Yang and Ryan Thompson.  Overall the opening reception was filled with art, science, and an amazing performance by the Em and Pop Jazz band. Check out our pictures, and make sure to attend the opening for NEOMAGIC , a student show held in conjunction with GEOMAGIC, on September 23rd at 5pm in the Zuhl Museum. See more here





Cranbrook +- 25 Exhibition Opening


Last Thursday our first exhibition of the Fall 2016 semester, Cranbrook +- 25, is now open to the public. Cranbrook +- 25 is an exhibition that includes 24 artists who graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art between 1992 and 2013 under the guidance of Tony Hepburn and Anders Ruhwald. Each of these artists has been recognized for making significant contributions to the field of art, ceramics and education. Cranbrook alumni Drew Ippoliti and Jessika Edgars, an NMSU assistant professor, have curated this show as a way to both benefit our students and our community. Be sure to come visit this amazing exhibition (Tues-Sat, 10-4) to enjoy all the wonderful pieces that this show has to offer! Also don’t forget about our public closing reception and welcome back mixer which will be held on Aug, 25, 5-7 pm. See more here





Christine Nguyen Visits UAG



Christine Nguyen, one of the featured artists in our upcoming exhibition GEOMAGIC: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection is in town today through Tuesday, June 29, 2016, for a week long residency at the Zuhl Collectoin. Christine proposed the production of a cyanotype depicting a crinoid fossil found in the Zuhl Museum‚Äôs collection. Nguyen will create a prehistoric underwater styled mural comprised of geometric, totem like structures, created from blackened clay, evaporative salt crystal liquid, local specimens found on Christine’s walks in the Mesilla Valley, and imprints made from the Zuhl collection itself. Watch this blog closely to read more about Christine’s visit and to learn more about other GEOMAGIC artists’ who are coming to Las Cruces to do their research in the Zuhl Collection. ¬†See¬†more here





MFA Exhibition Opening

_IGP3725On Wednesday evening, the NMSU Department of Art came together to host a huge party! The three graduating MFA students Cassandra Dixon, Andrea Luella Gohl, and Katy Stuckel showcased their artwork in the University Art Gallery for the show Subjects to Change. There was a lot going on around the building and campus also at the same time! In the entrance to D.W. Williams Hall, the ceramics, printmaking, and metals groups had an art sale, talented musician Tiffany Christopher rocked us all night long on the patio, and the local Food Truck Fiesta slung out food for all of our visitors. In addition, the Friends of the University Art Gallery set up booths to offer discounts on memberships for the art gallery!  Meanwhile, the graduating BFA students had their opening exhibition over in Wells Hall, and hosted a scavenger hunt to get visitors around the different events on campus. Overall, this was a record-breaking event with over 800 guests! Thank you to all of those who planned, participated, and visited! See more here




‚ÄúMaking Collaborative Art‚ÄĚ with guest artist Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo

lea2016Lea‚Äôs lecture consisted of her collaborative art pieces, but also mentioned collaborative pieces by contemporary artists such as Ai Wei Wei‚Äôs ‚ÄúSunflower Seeds‚ÄĚ (2010), Mika Rothenburg‚Äôs ‚ÄúSqueeze‚ÄĚ (2010), and even the upcoming feature film made entirely in the style of painting of Vincent Van Gogh, entitled ‚ÄúLoving Vincent.‚ÄĚ After the plenty of examples of contemporary collaborative artworks to get our minds rolling, Lea‚Äôs workshop was based on the theme of walking, and participants were able to create their own collaborative walking piece!








Fallen Stars Movie Series: “Love Actually”

51-CU01Fp4L._SX940_On Thursday evening, the UAG had its second installment of the Fallen Stars Movie Series co-sponsored by the NMSU CMI department. ¬†The movie screened was the popular 2003 film, “Love Actually” and it was chosen to pay tribute to the late Alan Rickman. It was a fun night to kick-start the three day weekend! Thanks to everyone who came! Our next film will be “The Big Lebowski” in order to honor Philip Seymour Hoffman. ¬†This movie will be on Thursday, April 28th at 7pm! As always, the movie and snack are FREE¬†and the event is open to the public!








Juried Student Show 2016 Exhibition Opening and Awards Ceremony

32Last night the UAG opened its doors for the 2016 Juried Student Show! ¬†This year’s juror was artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda, current resident of the Border Artist Residency program. ¬†Out of almost 300 applicants, Almanza Pereda selected approximately 50 pieces to be included in the show. ¬†Anyone who is a current NMSU main campus student this semester¬†was eligible to apply. ¬†Last night we had over 250 visitors to the gallery to see the fantastic pieces and to be present for the awards ceremony. ¬†Awards were given out by the UAG, the NMSU College of Arts and Sciences,¬†the NMSU¬†Department of Art and outside¬†sponsors such as Concilio CDS Inc., the Potter’s Guild of Las Cruces, La Posta, and more!¬† Congratulations to all the winners of these awards!¬†See more here






“Water! What is it good for” Exhibition Wrap-Up

IMG_2934Today the staff of the UAG has officially finished de-installing the fabulous¬†Water! What is it good for? exhibition! ¬†A tremendous “thank you” goes out to artists Bethany Taylor and Brenda Perry for their gorgeous, thought-provoking pieces. ¬†Another great “thank you” is due to all who participated on the panel back in January as all everyone who came out and visited the exhibition. We know that the artwork as well as the programming has made an impact on our community.

Since Brenda Perry did not need her gorgeous colored tumbleweeds after the exhibition, she gave us permission to offer them to the public. They were picked up and were given new homes!








Fallen Stars Movie Series: Labyrinth

FullSizeRender-2Our first movie night of our “Fallen Stars” movie series was a hit! For this series, which is co-sponsored by the NMSU Creative Media Institute, the UAG is presenting four films throughout the semester, all of which were chosen to honor a special actor/filmmaker who has recently passed. ¬†Our first film was Labyrinth, which was chosen to honor the ever-talented David Bowie. ¬†To sweeten the pot even more, we had free popcorn, candy, and hot tea to offer to anyone who came to this free event! ¬†We had so much fun putting this on for you all, and we can’t wait for the next three movies! ¬†The next film will be “Love, Actually” to honor Alan Rickman. ¬†This showing will be on March 24th at 7pm. ¬†Again, this will be a free and open to the public event, so come hang out with us!






Turtles in the UAG!

FullSizeRenderThe NMSU School for Young Children’s group of kids (ages 2 to 3 1/2) known as the Turtles came to visit the gallery today! ¬†We had so much fun teaching them about water, our environment, and art in general. ¬†These little guys were full of so many questions and comments, that we could barely keep up! ¬†A huge “thank you” for all of your great questions, helping us #releasetherain, and even generously donating to the gallery! ¬† Come see us again soon!










Event: I <3 Art Valentine’s Party!

DSC_0127Our first big party of the Spring 2016 semester composed of wine, glitter lips, and of course, the color red for the romantic holiday coming up. Our Valentine’s day themed party was a way of¬†appreciating our members of the UAG and what they contribute to the gallery. Our members were entered into a raffle drawing for either a work of art¬†from Project: Postcard, or a beautifully modern Eames sculpted chair. Our member’s plus ones were also entered for a raffle drawing for a free membership. Congratulations to all the winners! To add to the fun, the Las Cruces band “Remember Then… A Class Act” played some upbeat tunes to dance to, and Dickerson Catering provided us with wine, beer, food and refreshments, as well as a pop up themed photo booth for everyone to take photos of the fun home! The Friends of the UAG are¬†so thankful for everyone who attended; we know we enjoyed your participation! See more here



Panel: Relational Sustainability

DSC_0019The main program presented in conjunction with our current exhibition,¬†Water! What is it good for? was a panel termed “Relational Sustainability” and it was held this previous Saturday afternoon. ¬†The panel focused on water issues and environmental consciousness. ¬†Participating in the panel were: Brenda Perry, Bethany Taylor, Wayne Belzer, Leslie Grijalva, Dr. J. Phillip King, and Kevin Bixby. ¬†The panel discussed a variety of issues and concerns with water and sustainability such as how the drought of our region affects wildlife the history of water canal/ditch systems and the current water quality of the Rio Grande. See more Here






Water! What is it good for? Exhibition Opening

DSC_0032-300x200Our first exhibition of the 2016 semester, Water! What is it good for?¬†opened to the public on Thursday evening. ¬†Water!¬† is an exhibition that creates critical spaces for viewers to consider and engage with a number of environmental concerns such as sustainability, water remediation, drought, etc. ¬†Both of the featured artists–Bethany Taylor and Brenda Perry–were able to be present at the opening to speak with our visitors one-on-one. The turnout for this opening was fabulous–thank you so much to everyone who was able to take a break from beginning-of-semester mayhem to visit this great exhibition. ¬†Be sure to come take a look at this exhibition again or for the first time, as it will run through February 27th.¬†See more here





Responsive Collaborative Mural with Gatis Cirulis

Since the opening of our exhibition “Points of Departure” on November 12th, our Graphic Design Professor Gatis Cirulis has been leading a responsive collaborative mural project as part of the show. ¬†We have welcomed the public to¬†interact with this mural by adding/taking away/painting over/introducing physical objects etc. as a means to respond to the idea of departure. ¬†While visitors to the UAG are welcome to add to this mural at any time during regular gallery hours, Cirulis has had two sessions where he was present and invited the public to paint with him while being recorded. ¬†The mural has taken on so many different shapes and themes and everyone has enjoyed witnessing this evolution! ¬†Take a look at one of the¬†two time-lapsed videos of this project below and see more here





Gallery Talk with Dr. Stephanie Taylor and Papermaking Workshop with Katya Reka

DSC_0576On Saturday, we invited the community to join us in two great events: a gallery talk with Dr. Stephanie Taylor in “The Curatory” regarding the theme of games and play in visual art followed by a papermaking workshop with Katya Reka. ¬†Dr. Taylor discussed the theme of games and play in visual art in relationship to the current exhibit in “The Curatory”. ¬†Graduate students Madeleine Griffin and Michelle Lanteri curated pieces from the permanent collection to speak to the theme of games and play which was a theme they found subtly in the works of the Towson MFA students’ works. ¬†Katya Reka led a papermaking workshop that was opened the public. ¬†Those who attended learned about the process of creating paper and they even were able to try their hand at the craft as well! See more here





“Points of Departure” Exhibition Opening

_MG_3502Our final exhibition of the fall 2015 semester opened to the public on Thursday evening with a great turn out! ¬†“Points of Departure” is an interactive exhibition that encourages collaboration, so the visitors enjoyed a helping create a¬†mural, working in a metalsmithing station, and clay-making station,¬†listening to a sound performance, and enjoying a cup of tea in order to add to a sculpture. ¬†If you were not able to join in on the fun of opening night, don’t worry! ¬†All of our interactive stations are ongoing and you can join in during regular gallery hours (Tues-Sat, 10-4). ¬†Take a look at our calendar of events for special events here. See more here






Project: Postcard Sale and Silent Auction

_MG_2835 copyThe 2015 Project: Postcard Sale and Silent Auction event went off with a bang on Thursday evening. ¬†Over a hundred people attended this event, most of whom clutched at least one ticket anxiously as they waited for their number to be called so they could select the postcard they wanted to take home. ¬†Thank you to everyone who donated an artwork for this exhibition and thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket! ¬†All proceeds are going towards the renovation of D.W. Williams Hall–home to the Department of Art and the University Art Gallery. ¬†See more here





Terri Warpinski Artist Lecture

DSC_0434 On Thursday evening, Terri Warpinski presented on her journey as an artist and professor. She discussed her beginnings in painting and collaging with her previous works and her transition into photography. Warpinski walked us through this documentary style series entitled “Surface Tension: three landscapes of division” and her travel experiences in putting this collection together. The series focuses on the Israeli/Palestinian border, the U.S./Mexico border, and the Berlin Wall. She shares that in her findings some people feel protected by these borders and others feel insulted. Warpinski explains that in her upbringing, she never imagined the Berlin Wall coming down and has hopes that like it, other formal divisions of land will come down. Before the occurrence of September 11th, there were 12 land division walls world wide. Today, over 60 walls stand. See more here





“Become a Friend of the UAG” Membership Party

UAG_048On Saturday evening, the Friends of the UAG board hosted a party for the public to visit the gallery and learn what it means to be our friend! ¬†We had a great turnout to the event which included delicious food/drinks, a fun dj, a selfie station with cardboard cutouts of famous artworks (#becomeafriend), raffles of original ceramic pieces, and that’s just the beginning! ¬†If you were unable to make it to this event, you can still sign up to become a friend of the UAG! ¬†To learn more, visit us here. ¬†To Take a look at the great photos from the event see more here







Jason Middlebrook Visiting Artist Lecture

DSC_0404The evening following the opening for “Your General Store,” artist Jason Middlebrook gave an artist lecture of his past 20 years of artistic production. ¬†This lecture was held in conjunction with the Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture series supported by the Lilian Steinman fund. ¬†The committee for this series decided on the theme of “process” for all visiting artists to shape their presentation around, so this is what Middlebrook focused on in his lecture. ¬†He guided us through his experiences as an artist showing us his wide range of materials used and processes employed, from suspended natural materials to subway station mosaics to geometric paintings on planks of wood. ¬†For more information on Middlebrook and his work, you can visit his website here! ¬†¬†See more here





Sierra Middle School Students visit the UAG

IMG_2805The day after our exhibition opening for both “Between Here and There” and “Your General Store”, groups of students from Sierra Middle School visited the UAG to take a look at these exhibitions. ¬†Artist Paul Turounet was there to speak to the students and answer their questions. ¬†The students were very engaged with the discussion and their teacher told us they continued asking questions even after they returned to their classroom! ¬†Take a look at this great group photo from this day!









Exhibition Openings for “Between Here and There” and “Your General Store” + Gallery Talk with Paul Turounet

IMG_1088Thursday evening we finally got to open our doors for our first two exhibitions of the Fall semester. ¬†It was such a great turnout with lots of students, faculty, staff, and community members attending. ¬†They could split their time contemplating regional borders inside the gallery space with Turounet and Warpinski’s works and browsing Jason Middlebrook’s fantastic “Your General Store” in the converted shipping container in the parking lot of the gallery. ¬†Halfway through the opening, Turounet led the guests around the gallery to discuss his works on display and his experiences while making the works. ¬†This walk was really fascinating as we learned about the migrants and border patrols of the U.S./Mexico border and their experiences as explained by Turounet who spent ten years studying and photographing this region. ¬†For more information on Turounet, please visit his webpage here. ¬†Thank you to all who came out! See more here





Paul Turounet Workshop

IMG_1071The day before the opening of “Between Here and There,” artist Paul Turounet led a workshop on how to create photographic ex votos. ¬†A group of students, faculty, and community members joined us for the event and all had their photo taken in front of the border wall Turounet erected in the UAG. ¬†They then went to the photography lab and were taught how to create an ex voto with these photographs. ¬†This was such an intriguing workshop! ¬†See more here







Fall 2015 Department of Art Welcome Back Mixer

DSC_0353On Friday evening, the UAG hosted its first annual welcome back mixer for the Department of Art. ¬†Lots of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty/staff made it out to this event and it was a blast! ¬†Frank Gomez (frontman of local band Border Avenue) serenaded us with a fantastic acoustic set of music throughout the evening. ¬†Halfway through the night, there was a raffle with prizes from Professor Stephanie Taylor, MAS Art, Frame and Art Center, and The Game. ¬†Thank you to everyone that came and a special thank you to those who donated for the raffle–the night was a huge success! ¬†Check out pictures¬†and see more here!






Kathleen Scott Workshop

IMG_0583As our last but certainly not least event held in conjunction with “Re: Visioning the West,” artist Kathleen Scott visited our gallery in order to lead a beginner’s guide to stop-motion animation video workshop. ¬†We had such a great turnout that we had to break into a number of groups in which to work. ¬†Each group produced a unique stop-motion video–we watched drawings of different mediums come to life through time lapse, we saw dolls in dramatic scenes, and we even saw a mermaid doll come alive! ¬†If you participated in this workshop, don’t forget to send us your videos because we want to post them and show the awesome videos made within just 2 hours! See more here






Your General Store at the University Art Gallery

SITE-5606-300x200August 15, 2015, via crane, Jason Middlebrook’s Your General Store descended upon the NMSU parking lot at the intersection of University and Solano Avenues, just outside the University Art Gallery in Williams Hall. Middlebrook’s store, a refurbished cargo vessel that operates as a trading post for artworks, originated at SITE Santa Fe and was an exterior component of the institution’s Unsettled Landscapes biennial exhibition (June 2014-January 2015). Your General Store, stocked with traded works by artists from around the globe, is reminiscent of a nineteenth-century general store and will be managed by an NMSU student during the Fall 2015 semester. Poised to travel throughout the United States, Middlebrook‚Äôs store will facilitate an inter-state exchange of art goods, whereby a national trade route of sorts will take shape. At this point, you may wonder how you can get involved! There are four ways you can participate in this unique art happening/system-based installation:

1. Join us for the opening reception at the University Art Gallery and first round of artwork trades on Thursday, September 3, from 5-7 p.m.! (Note: The reception will also celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Between Here and There, featuring Paul Turounet and Terri Warpinski. 2. Trade an artwork of your own creation for an art good of equal value at Your General Store! The store will be open from September 4 through November 7, 2015; the store’s hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Read more about Your General Store here. 3. Attend an artist talk by Jason Middlebrook at the University Art Gallery on Friday, September 4, from 6-7 p.m. Find out more about Your General Store; ask him the tough questions! 4. Get more information about Your General Store events on the University Art Gallery’s Facebook page. See more here




Millee Tibbs Gallery Talk

DSC_0323Millee Tibbs, one of the featured artists in the UAG’s summer exhibition, “Re: Visioning the West”, visited us on July 16th for a gallery talk. ¬†In her public lecture, she discussed her evolution as an artist, walking us through her humorous and highly insightful mind. ¬†In her work, she often explores what the American West is and what gender is. ¬†Her belief is, “art lives between what we see and what we know” which she admits has an inherent subjectivity involved within this space. ¬†When we see a photograph of a grandiose landscape, we often think of a tough and rugged sort of man who trekked for weeks to get that opportune angle; in addition, when we see a quilt pattern, we often think of traditional “women’s” duties…but what happens when you combine the two into a single work of art? ¬†This is what happens often in Millee’s work, especially in the series included in “Re: Visioning the West”. ¬†Read more about Millee here and take a look at the photos¬†and see more here





Gallery Closures for Summer 2015

Hello, all.  We just wanted to let everyone know that the UAG will be closed all day on July 3rd as well as July 4th.  Other than those two days, we are open every Tuesday-Saturday from 10-4, so be sure to come by and visit us!





Upcoming Programming in the UAG

We’re really looking forward to the last two events happening in conjunction with “Re: Visioning the West,” and wanted to share the details with you on what is coming up!

Millee Tibbs is one of the featured artists in the UAG‚Äôs summer exhibition, ‚ÄúRe: Visioning the West‚ÄĚ and she will be leading a discussion regarding the western landscape. ¬†In her work, Tibbs explores the relationship of landscape and photography, and the differences in the experience when we view a landscape through a photograph rather than in-person. ¬†In her compositions, she presents the photographed landscape not in a straightforward manner, but with manipulated folds, overlays, and stitches. ¬†As she asserts, she employs, ‚Äúphysical intervention with the image to discuss the human alteration of the landscape, which is at once beautiful and destructive.‚ÄĚ ¬†She Scott_The West 1is not interested in idealizing the West, but rather challenging this aesthetization of the landscape. ¬†Please join us on Thursday, July 16th at 6pm in the University Art Gallery for this gallery talk in which Tibbs will be discussing how the western landscape has been presented throughout history in order to support the major ideas behind Manifest Destiny in 19th Century expansionism.


Another featured¬†artist, Kathleen Scott, will be here to end our summer exhibition with a bang on the last day of its run. She will be leading a workshop on how to create stop-motion videos. ¬†Her stop-motion video entitled The West is featured in our current show, and it is a stop-motion animation of manipulated paper, plastic, and fabric. ¬†It follows the story of a hawk and a grackle, each of which has either been left behind by their peers or have been alone the whole time. ¬†This short film effectively addresses the, ‚Äúbeauty, vastness‚Ķ[and] the inherent loneliness‚ÄĚ the artist feels the American West evokes. ¬†You can learn how to create this highly interesting art form by joining us for her workshop taking place Saturday, August 22nd in the University Art Gallery from 12-2pm.

Both of these events are free and open to the public, so please join us!

To RSVP or if you have any questions, contact the Gallery Administrator, Jasmine Woodul, at or at (575) 646-2545.




David and C. Tara Gladden’s Performance

DSC_0318On Thursday evening,  David and C. Tara Gladden were here at the UAG and utilized our space to perform their New Mexican site-specific audio/visual piece and it was phenomenal!  The performance was part of the SIGHTsite|HEARhere serial project which combines audio/video field recordings of historically and culturally relevant locations with original music compositions and large-scale, real-time video projections.  They created a performance which adhered to major landmarks of New Mexico including White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, the Organ Mountains, and the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  The performance was completely immersive and had us all completely wrapped up in it.  The video recordings and the sounds they captured/performed were fantastic on their own, but the combination was truly awe-inspiring.  If you were unable to make it to the performance, you can check out their website here for more information about this duo! See more here



Community Painting Workshop with Felice House

DSC_0244Today, one of the featured artists in the UAG’s 2015 Summer exhibition, Felice House, led a beginner’s guide to painting workshop which was free and open to the public. ¬†She taught¬†those who attended how to create a value scale as well as how to represent the basic qualities of value by painting a white ball with one light source by only using a dollop of white acrylic paint and a dollop of black acrylic paint. ¬†These skills were then utilized in each person painting a gray-scale version of a famous painting. ¬†We had such a great turnout and it looks like we have a few more artists in the making now! ¬†See¬†more here






“Re: Visioning the West” Exhibition Opening

DSC_0195On Thursday evening, the UAG opened its doors to unveil its 2015 Summer Exhibition, “Re: Visioning the West.” ¬†It was such a fun turnout with two of the artists included in the show–Dana Younger and his wife Felice House–showing up to the event themselves. We also had the pleasure of jamming out with the musician Tony (Anpincor), who was a one-man band performing original music. Remember that the exhibition will be up all Summer, so you be sure to come see what we have going on over here¬†if you missed the opening! See more here






Artist Spotlight: Kathleen Scott

Scott_The West 1_WB

Kathleen Scott is our last but definitely not least artist spotlight for the “Re: Visioning the West” exhibition this summer. ¬†Her piece which will be included in our exhibition is entitled The West¬†and is a stop-motion animation composed of¬†manipulated paper, plastic, and fabric. The West¬†follows the story of a hawk and a grackle, each of which has either been left behind by their peers or has¬†been alone the whole time. ¬†The short is set to haunting and folksy music, which the artist composed and performed herself, utilizing instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and concertina. ¬†The short film effectively addresses the, ‚Äúbeauty, vastness‚Ķ[and] the inherent loneliness‚ÄĚ the artist feels the western part of our country evokes.¬†¬†

Scott will be leading a workshop on how to create stop-motion animations on the final day of the summer exhibition which is Saturday, August 22nd from 12-2pm in the UAG.  This fantastic opportunity is free and open to the public!

For more information on Scott and her art, you can visit her website here!




Re: Visioning the West- Banner Project

David_Lash_Banner_WBTwice a year, the UAG¬†invites applicants to submit original works of art to be displayed as banners around the Art Department building in conjunction with the exhibition on display. The project‚Äôs objective is to create an outdoor gallery experience, which echoes the exhibition within the UAG. ¬†The theme of this Banner Project asked artists of all levels, ages, and locations to create pieces inspired by the re-examination of the clich√© and nostalgic Old West in order to see it in a fresh light. ¬†¬†The entries are in, and three artists‚ÄĒBeth Krensky, David Lash, and Jodi Stuart‚ÄĒhave been selected from a large number of applicants to have their original artworks on display in conjunction with the 2015 Summer exhibition entitled, ‚ÄúRe: Visioning the West.‚ÄĚ

Beth Krensky is an artist, activist, and educator whose art seeks to ‚Äúprovoke reflection about what is happening in our world as well as to create a vision of what is possible.‚ÄĚ ¬†Two banners have been chosen by Krensky, both of which consist of photographs of her performance pieces in which she integrates religion with her understanding of the idea of westward expansion. David Lash is an artist that has been drawn to wilderness from a very young age, and his artwork reflects this passion. ¬†The banner that has been chosen by Lash considers the ‚Äúprecious and precarious‚ÄĚ wildlife of the southwest. ¬†Jodi Stuart is an artist originally from New Zealand, but moved to the United States in 2010. ¬†She has been living and working in Denver since 2011, and has thus had a chance to acquaint herself with the American West. ¬†The underlying theme of her artworks is the question of how we, in the highly digital and virtual world we live in, view ourselves and our environment. ¬†The two banners chosen by Stuart are an ‚Äúexaggerated rendering of the quintessential southwest,‚ÄĚ with blue skies and red rocks depicted as a seemingly 3-dimensional ‚Äútexture map‚ÄĚ. See more banners here

The banners will be on display throughout the duration of the ‚ÄúRe: Visioning the West‚ÄĚ exhibition, which runs from May 21st through August 22nd. ¬†The opening reception for this show will be Thursday, May 21st from 5-7pm in the UAG, and is free and open to the public.


Artist Spotlight: Dana Younger

1-Legends-of-the-Lone-Ranger-Part-I-Andrew-JacksonDana Younger¬†focuses his artwork on the cost of Western expansion–what is sacrificed in the pursuit of Manifest Destiny? ¬†He juxtaposes established Western conventions with historical figures to spotlight the damage associated with westward expansion. ¬† ¬† ¬†His sculptural processes of traditional bas-relief computer aided machining, and toy manufacturing all contribute to the dialogue.¬†Younger will be featured in the UAG’s summer exhibition “Re:Visioning the West,” opening May 21st.

See more of Younger’s work by visiting his website here!








Artist Spotlight: Jeffrey DaCosta     

DaCosta InstallationJeffrey DaCosta’s¬†work¬†deals with the¬†idea of the landscape and the way we view it, but also how we live within it. ¬†DaCosta confronts humanity‚Äôs use of the land‚Äôs resources to challenge his audiences to reconsider how and why we use this land. ¬†In his installation consisting of a large landscape painting flanked by two aluminum chairs, DaCosta recreates a parlor scene reminiscent of the eighteenth century American West. ¬†Through this installation, the artist illustrates how our great Westward Expansion caused humanity to use the raw resources, perhaps to a point of surplus and luxury. ¬†His work juxtaposes the ‚Äútrade of the living and temporal to the ageless and inanimate.‚ÄĚ ¬†As Las Crucens, we live in this western landscape, but why? ¬†Considering the extremely dry conditions of our environment, why do we choose to live here? And at what cost to ourselves and the environment around us? ¬†¬†Examining the West and humanity‚Äôs relationship to this area, Jeffrey DaCosta presents a series of important questions, especially relevant to our personal location: ‚ÄúHow do we live within the land, how do we value that integration, and what do we sacrifice?‚ÄĚ

Jeffrey DaCosta will be featured in the UAG’s 2015 Summer exhibition, “Re: Visioning the West.” ¬†The exhibition opening will take place on May 21st from 5-7pm.

Check out Jeffrey DaCosta’s website here!



Artist Spotlight


Millie Tibbs’¬†work is informed by the New Topographics photographers, who saw the American landscape not as virgin and untouched but instead as a space that has been imprinted. Like them, her work is in opposition to the idealization and aestheticization of this landscape. Unlike these repeated attempts to fit the sublimity of nature inside the rectangular frame of the photograph, she creates relationships between formal geometries and natural spaces that question the illusionistic representation of the photographic image. She uses physical intervention with the image to discuss the human alteration of the landscape, which is at once beautiful and destructive.

Millie Tibbs will be featured in the exhibition “Re:Visioning the West” this Summer. Thursday, July 16th, she will be giving a lecture in the University Art Gallery about her artwork. The talk starts at 6:00pm and is open and free to the public!

Check out Millie Tibbs’ website! Click here.




Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo and Ruben Zapata Collaborative Lecture

¬† ¬†DSC_0075Today, graduating MFA artist Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo and NMSU Scientist Ruben Zapata presented to NMSU faculty, staff, students, and community members regarding Lea’s artwork in conjunction with a scientific discussion of what is actually going on within her pieces. ¬†Lea discussed her process and concept for her works currently on display in the UAG, all of which¬†include microorganisms in order to explore ourselves and our environment. ¬†In a looping video currently on display in the UAG, one work entitled¬†InTempore examines microorgamisms collected from the artist’s own body. ¬†She also collected samples of a number of other people, and titled them to allude to the idea of scientific labeling (i.e. Illuminatio S. Marina). ¬†Lea’s last piece included in this exhibition is termed¬†Communitatis Vita, which visitors to the MFA show opening on April 24th all touched and, in turn, left their personal microbes behind to grow together physically and metaphorically. ¬†Ruben Zapata went on to discuss these different microorganisms, how they grow, reproduce, and how they affect humans, leading the audience to better understand Lea’s artwork and their surroundings in general. ¬†P.S. If you haven’t been by the gallery since the opening, be sure to come check out how the microorganisms in¬†Communitatis Vita are changing! ¬†It looks very different than it did on Friday… ¬†See more here




Artist Spotlight: Felice House


In large-scale paintings, Felice House, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, questions the male stereotype as portrayed through classic Westerns ¬†of Hollywood. She projects contemporary women into iconic scenes from Western movies. By placing women in the heroic roles occupied by men she ¬†points a finger at the limited access of women to power in the western genre.¬†One of the artists featured in this Summer’s “Re: Visioning the West”, Felice House, will be leading a beginner’s guide to painting workshop. This ¬†workshop is FREE and open to the public, so come take advantage of this awesome opportunity! See more about the event and join on our Facebook page!¬†

See Felice’s art on her website here!¬†







Juan Cholo Paper Mache Workshop “Light is the New Heavy”

           DSC_0170Today in the gallery, Juan Cholo who earned his MFA from NMSU came to the gallery to give a lecture about his current work and gave a workshop, teaching us how to use cheap materials to create amazing art! Chicken wire, tape, newspaper, cardboard, flour, clay and more. Then the attendants were able to piece together their own chicken wire frame to paper mache. Big thank you to Juan for sharing his techniques today! See more here







2015 Juried Student Show Opening and Award Ceremony

DSC_0043Below is the list of all of our winners of awards for this year’s Juried Student Show. Congratulations to every one of you!

-F.A. Reinhardt: “Excellence in Design” ($200)

-Joshua Flores: “Mas Art Award” ($50)

-Mama Cass: “Marineau Award” ($50), “Luis Jimenez Excellence in Sculpture Award” ($150), “Jesus & Josefina Mata Award” ($100)

-Kathryn Neely: “Fisher Gallery Award” ($150)

-Walker Hanson: “La Posta de Mesilla Award” ($20 gift card)

-Simeon Bearedsley: “La Posta de Mesilla Award” ($20 gift card)

-Sidney Roper: “La Posta de Mesilla Award” ($20 gift card)

-Olivia Baker: “La Posta de Mesilla Award” ($20 gift card)

-Marina Shaltout: “La Posta de Mesilla Award” ($20 gift card)

-Carolina Reyes: “Mark Serafino Excellence in Metals Award” ($300)

-Jennifer Abeyta: “Mark Serafino Excellence in Ceramics Award” ($150), “Potter’s Guild of Las Cruces Excellence in Ceramics” ($100)

-Maggie Day: “Mark Serafino Excellence in Ceramics Award” ($150)

-Patrick Shaffer: “Excellence in Painting” ($50)

-Andrea Gohl: “Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award–Best in Show” ($750), “Concilio CDS Inc. Award” ($100)

-Katy Stuckel: “Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award” ($500), “Jesus & Josefina Mata Award” ($100)

-Carla Zabalegui: “Jesus & Josefina Mata Award” ($100)

-Monique Harrison: “Concilio CDS Inc. Award” ($100)

-Weihao Dai: “Concilio CDS Inc.” ($100)



See more photos here




Workshop with Isadora Stowe: Collaborate with your kids!

DSC_0069 1Our workshop with Isadora Stowe was tons of fun! We had quite a few child-parent collaborative teams, working together to create original pieces of art. The project was a mixed-media collage. The teams first painted their pages with watercolors and gouache, then traced different shapes and symbols on tracing paper. The tracing paper was then applied over the watercolor with a matte medium, giving the shapes a colorful landscape to dance in. The kids had a great time, and so did the parents. Thank you to Isadora for the great experience!

Stowe’s work offers reflections on familial connection, whether remembered or imagined. Her paintings in various media address the complexities of home, relationships, and family identity. Starting with the narrative, Stowe‚Äôs work proceeds to translate into coded, ethereal complex landscapes. See her art here.

See more images here







Las Cruces Creates Panel Discussion with Chris Bardey 


Our panel discussion was a success! We covered the questions with each of the panelists giving their ideas and inspiration: Five years from now, what do we want our community to look like, to its residents, businesses, and to the rest of the state, the country, and internationally, in regards to the arts? How can community engagement help shape the city we want to see?¬†The microphone was then passed to the community members to hear their ideas¬†and suggestions. We had a great turnout of community members who shared some fantastic ideas. Some of the ideas included creating more public art and collaboration opportunities, using empty buildings in town to put on art shows, educating the public and patrons about collecting and viewing art, and¬†continuing to build upon the solid foundation of galleries and first Friday events that are already taking place in Las Cruces.¬†There was a spark and excitement about conversation about how we all believe that community engagement will lead to inspire people to care about art in this area and that art is already an integral part of this community. This panel discussion shined a light on that importance. The discourse continued after the formal panel discussion was over and the panelists and community engaged face to face over snacks and Beck’s Coffee. The future is bright for our arts community here in Las Cruces! If you are interested in joining and contributing any ideas to help build our arts, email us here at the gallery! ¬†See more here



Gallery Talk Series With Chris Bardey: Community Engagement Panel

CommunityFacebookWe are happy to announce an up coming event taking place here at the University Art Gallery! On Thursday, February 12 at 6pm we will be hosting a Gallery Talk Series with artist Chris Bardey, as a part of our Las Cruces Creates exhibition. Mr. Bardey is from Indiana and currently resides in the Las Cruces area. He is one of the of the founders and the director of West End Art Department (We.Ad), located here in our very own “City of the Crosses”. The mission for We.Ad’s is to create an alliance with people who hold a passion for the art, and advocate for and promote the artists of Las Cruces and the surrounding areas through active outreach, education and community service.

Las Cruces 2020 ‚Äď Art City?
1. Five years from now, what do we want our community to look like, to its residents, businesses, and to the rest of the state, the country, and internationally, in regards to the arts? His talk will address these exact questions to help stimulate, engage, and collaborate with the community as a means to help shape the city we want to see.

2. How can community engagement* help shape the city we want to see?
* defined as the stakeholders in the arts & culture racket working together to increase:
‚ÄĘ awareness
‚ÄĘ participation
‚ÄĘ cultural offerings
‚ÄĘ economic development

If you are interested in having your artistic opinions voiced and heard, this talk is the perfect opportunity to do just that. We ask that you come in with an open mind and a want to improve the community’s ¬†local art scene. Lets work together to get our creative juices flowing and support our local artists. Let’s go local!

Randy Harris, founder/steward, The Great Conversation
Chris Bardey, artist, educator and co-founder & director, West End Art Depot

Roy van der Aa, artist and publisher of The Ink
Tauna Cole-Dorn, artist and educator, Art Dept. NMSU
Michael Gutierrez, artist, photographer, Firebird Rising Fine Art
Hilary McDaniel-Douglas, dancer, educator and artistic director, Project in Motion
Joy Miller, artist and exhibitions curator, Las Cruces Museum of Art
Derrickson Moore, reporter and arts writer, Las Cruces Sun-News
Arianna Parsons, owner Beck’s Coffee and interim director, Downtown Las Cruces Partnership
Michael Ponce, artist, educator and owner Michael Ponce gallery
Deret Roberts, artist and owner of Art Obscura gallery
Miguel Silva, District 1 City Councilor

Community Engagement Panel/ NMSU University Art Gallery D.W. Williams Hall



Learning to Weave with Las Cruces Artist John Garrett

LCreates-27-of-28-300x200Exciting things have been happening here at the University Art Gallery! Last Saturday we had a workshop with our current Artist-in-Residence John Garrett. Mr. Garrett is a local artist who has been working 40+ years as a studio artist. His work deals with textile technologies, and he uses a large range of traditional weaving materials, yet also items such as plastic, metal, paper and wire. His resulting work usually ends up being a type of textile. Currently residing in the NMSU Art Gallery, Mr. Garrett has¬†installed¬†his floor loom where he is¬†weaving strips of clothing¬†donated by the Las Cruces community to create a large textile.¬†He is creating¬†the “fabric of Las Cruces”! ¬†Saturday’s workshop began with a conversation about the art of weaving. Garrett brought in textiles from around the world to show how different cultures weave and put patterns into their textiles. He then taught our guests all about the floor loom from beginning to end: set up, measuring warp, putting warp on the beam, threading it, tying it to the front rod, then weaving. Tension, selection, spacing, throwing and beading were also discussed.¬†Garrett then talked about primitive looms and frame looms which anyone can make at home with a minor investment (just a box of nails!). He demonstrated how to set up and use a simple loom.¬†This great event Saturday included the whole gamut of ages: kids, college students, adults and seniors. All the materials are donated clothing (mostly knit t-shirts) from the Las Cruces community.¬†If you are curious about weaving, this is a great opportunity to learn a new hobby. Everyone is welcome, anyone can weave! John Garrett will be residing in our gallery Tuesday – Saturday from 10am-4pm until February 26.¬†We are almost halfway done with the giant community weaving. Our minimum goal is to make it 9′ x 9′ and we want to make it bigger if we can! If you are interested in donating, please bring t-shirts to the University Art Gallery on Tuesday – Saturday between 10-4.¬†Don’t forget that Mr. Garrett will be giving an artist lecture on February 26 at 6pm here in the gallery. Come see the giant weaving and hear about this wonderful woven community experience!¬†If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or call the gallery administrator at 646-2545. See more images here

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