Diane Marsh, Searching Through Time

1992.2.11 (1)Diane MarshJune 21, 2015:

Diane Marsh
Searching Through Time, 1990
Oil on Canvas
30″ X 40″

Diane Marsh received a B.F.A in 1976 from Daemen College in Buffalo, NY and an M.F.A. in 1978 at Buffalo State, The Sate University of New York. She moved to New York city after graduation and lived in NYC until the mid 1980’s. She later received many artists’ grants, including the Roswell Artist in Residence Grant. Marsh’s paintings feature hyper-realistic portraits that display the human condition. On her website she states, “My paintings from the late 1980’s through the 1990’s portray the process of human transformation, and the idea that facing life’s sorrow and loss is one doorway we must all go through in order to grow “ (Marsh, 2016).

The painting Searching Through Time is a significant piece in the UAG’s permanent collection that exemplifies concepts behind the inner human soul and the personal issues that we face on a daily basis. In Searching Through Time Marsh  illuminated the human condition, and using the emotions within the woman’s face she reveals the woman’s contemplative state; or rather, is reminiscing about another time in her life. Through this realistic expressionistic style, her attention to detail and emotional connection, Marsh is able to draw the viewer in to this work.

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