Isadora Stowe: Collaborate with your kids



Workshop with Isadora Stowe: Collaborate with your kids!

Our workshop with Isadora Stowe was tons of fun! We had quite a few child-parent collaborative teams, working together to create original pieces of art. The project was a mixed-media collage. The teams first painted their pages with watercolors and gouache, then traced different shapes and symbols on tracing paper. The tracing paper was then applied over the watercolor with a matte medium, giving the shapes a colorful landscape to dance in. The kids had a great time, and so did the parents. Thank you to Isadora for the great experience!

Stowe’s work offers reflections on familial connection, whether remembered or imagined. Her paintings in various media address the complexities of home, relationships, and family identity. Starting with the narrative, Stowe’s work proceeds to translate into coded, ethereal complex landscapes. See her art here.