Judy Anderson


Artist:            Anderson, Judy      

Title/Date:  Fragments from a Stacked Deck, 1995     
Description of the work: This is a boxed set of 30 double-sided loose-leaf paper cards. These collaged images are made from monotypes, drawings and pressed onto loose-leaf cards. There are short titles etched into the lid. Anderson infuses text taken from daily newspapers, magazines, and advertising. She created Fragments from a Stacked Deck in the winter of 1992 in response to increasing reports of rape and violence against women in the world. The idea of the deck of cards is to invoke the randomness of life and playing the hand with the cards you are dealt.  Each card is an individually unique and crafted to invoke both a dream and reality.  They are visually reminiscent of graphic design in that they communicate through the use of typography, photography, illustration, and symbols.  Each poem, letter, news clipping either draws on the empowerment of women or shines a light on the violence, rape, and subjugation against women in a patriarchal society.  Some of the cards are simple silhouettes of various shapes, both figurative and of objects made from different fonts utilizing positive and negative space to construct the image.  Some have color, goddesses, female figures and are double-sided.  Some of the text is in a diary form, where a woman confesses loves, losses, and wishes.  Other text reads as an inner dialog on the subjects of abuse, longing, and sex.  They offer a look into the stark reality of women, the positive and negative, and offer an inspiring outcome of self-actualization and show the power of femininity.
Artist’s Biography: Judy Anderson has over 30 years of experience in the field of art as a teacher, administrator, and artist. She is the founding director of Platte Forum, a non-profit art center in Denver, which pairs inner-city youth with resident artist-mentors for projects culminating in exhibitions. These successful endeavors lead her to Washington where she accepted a $10,000 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award in 2011 (which was handed to her by Michelle Obama). She is the owner of J Anderson Studio, was the chair of the Division of Design, School of Art at the University of Washington, president of the University and College Designers Association and a member of the boards of the Graphic Design Education Association, and taught at universities in Colorado, California, and Washington.
Her work is multidisciplinary, creating unique and diverse artists’ books with a multitude of media. She has received many public art commissions and led many collaborative works with writers, video artists, musicians, performers, visual artists, architects, and urban designers. Her work has been exhibited in major galleries and museums around the world. Anderson’ art is in the permanent collections at the Getty Museum, Walker Art Center and New York Public Library. She has received many regional, national and international awards.
Anderson inspiration comes from other artists such as Leonard Cohen. Writers and poets fascinate her because as a visual artist she feels clumsy with words.  She has collaborated with poets and writers to create unique works including artist books. Anderson is also drawn to work that is authentic and provides a unique perspective or causes her to change her thinking. Her main passion is in passing on the art to students and in creating an atmosphere of joy and passion.  Her team takes risks, collaborates and supports one another.
Her body of work is divinely fascinating and original; her artist books are completely out-of-the box. In collaboration with poet Ginny Hoyle, Meditations on the Ordinary infuses symbiotic images and words to create a poetic and visual experience. Created over a five-year period, the installation is filled with mixed-media paintings, prints, artist books, haiku and long poems. It celebrates language and the natural world, inviting a conscious and mindful experience.    



Signed: Not signed

Date and dimension: 1995 Each Card: 6×3”, Box: 6 3/16  x 3 ¼ x ½”                     

Medium: Artist Book, Ink on paper 30 individual cards front and back, and one pamphlet

Accession # and Acquisition Date: 2003.09.11; 2003

Condition: Excellent

Provenance and Exhibitions: NA

Framed or Flat:  Individual cards in a box        

Current location: Part of the University Art Gallery’s permanent collections at New Mexico State University. Currently not on view.           


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Researched By: Felicia Castro, 25 November, 2016

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