Mama Create-Ups #1

Saturday, June 20, 2020, 1PM MST
Mama Create-Ups #1: Mama’s Leche: Michelle Hackney and New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force
OutsmART Children’s Program: “Wild Beasts” Project for the Fierce Mama’s & Babes Artist to know: Henri Matisse with Mama’s Leche Illustrator: Mia Ortiz-Gandara 

Our first recorded Mama Create-Ups took place on June 20th on Zoom, and featured a reading by author Michelle Hackney of her children’s book Mama’s Leche and a discussion with her illustrator Mia Ortiz-Gandara about their mission to normalize breastfeeding by approaching the story of breastfeeding from the perspective of the child. During this reading, the UAM hosted a “breastfeeding sit-in” where moms came to listen to the story while participating in a live group breastfeeding event. Following the reading and sit-in, Suzanne Staley and Monica Esparza, members from the Las Cruces chapter of New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force, discuss what a breastfeeding-friendly workplace looks like and the laws that protect breastfeeding New Mexicans. We have also posted the information the two women shared on breastfeeding support groups and lactation professionals available to our mothers in the New Mexico community on our website. Click here to learn more and to watch the video. 

Michelle Hackney is a full-time homeschooling mother of five and writer living in Las Cruces, N.M. Michelle is an advocate for breastfeeding, children’s rights, and attachment parenting. She is dedicated to fostering connections through trust and respect as the ideal way for parents to raise secure, independent, and happy children.

The New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force promotes breastfeeding and supports mothers, families, and communities by creating supportive environments in which breastfeeding is the cultural norm. They work to bridge the gap in breastfeeding disparities by ensuring all families have the support they need to reach

For information on Breastfeeding in the Workplace: Contact Monica Esparza at and (505) 395-MILK or go to for more resources.

Visit and like the NMBTF Las Cruces chapter page on Facebook:
for updated information on World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-8) and World Breastfeeding Month and the annual Big Latch On which will be held virtually this year:

For local lactation support:
Contact Lactation Consultant Kimberly Smetzer, IBCLC at (321) 298-3153 or Kimberly offers private consultations and virtual breastfeeding classes the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6-9pm and virtual childbirth classes the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9-2. Register through text or email.

their breastfeeding goals. 

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