Mama Create-Ups #2

Video of event premiering August 1, at 1PM MST / Recorded live on July 11, 2020
Carving Out Time For Your Art (Passions)
Artist/Mother Book-Heather Kirtland and Marissa Huber 
OutsmART Children’s Program: Andy Warhol Animal Portraits a workshop by artist/mother Isadora Stowe.

In this workshop authors of The Motherhood of Art, and creators of the Carve Out Time for Art program, Heather Kirtland and Marissa Huber presented on the importance for artist moms to set aside time for themselves, even in small increments. Kirtland and Huber shared tactical tips, encouragement, and personal struggles including the impact of COVID, which has shifted many people’s lives. Due to COVID, and similar to the role of a new mother, many artist mothers have now been tasked with simultaneously being full time parents and workers, with new added roles such as being school teachers on top of their already heavy schedules. Finding a little time for art or creative hobbies can be a helpful outlet to help people process emotions and anxiety, and Kirtland and Huber shared prompts and ideas to get people started and encouragement to continue to dedicate time for creative passions. This event was geared toward anyone struggling to find time to create: parents, full-time professionals, artists that have taken a break and are looking to return to their practice, or had it figured out and are struggling again staying home during COVID. Visit or @carveouttimeforart, and if you have any questions after watching this video, please email Marissa & Heather here:  . Also, don’t forget to purchase your copy of The Motherhood of Art! Click here for more details. Lastly, did you love the PowerPoint Heather & Marissa presented during their talk? We did too, download it here now.

Marissa Huber is an artist, connector, and creative instigator for the Carve Out Time for Art community and co-author of “The Motherhood of Art” which will be published April 2020. She works primarily in water-based mediums, digital drawing, and occasionally attempts linocut printing and silk dyeing. Her work is influenced by the colors, patterns, or plants spotted in daily life that may record a memory or fleeting moment. Her work has been featured at Brooklyn Art Library, HGTV Magazine, Design Love Fest, Minted, Create! Magazine, and Makers Movement. Her greatest joy (besides her kids) is connecting with kindred spirits over an experience, a funny story, or shared dreams and feeling positively lit up. She believes in taking her dreams quite seriously, but tries not to take herself too seriously. She lives in South Florida with her (painter) husband, two kids, and mom.

Heather Kirtland received a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Heather currently teaches encaustic workshops and is focused on her own studio practice. She was awarded The Maryland State Arts Council Grant and was a resident artist at The Holt Center.  Most recently she works with West Elm as one of their Local Artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, abroad in Italy and Wales, and has appeared in Modern Rustic magazine and Country Living UK. The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Montessori school have commissioned her work, as well as many private collectors. Heather recently moved from Baltimore to a more rural part of Maryland where she lives with her husband and two children and their dog.  When she is not painting she loves to read, run and encourage other mothers to find a creative outlet through a project she co-founded with Marissa Huber; Carve Out Time for Art.