Mama Create-Ups #4

Online Mama Create-Ups #4:
Childbirth options in NM: Doula, Midwife, and OBGYN Panel
Recorded live on Saturday August 15th 1PM MST

Our final online Mama Create-Ups took place Saturday, August 15th, at 1PM MST on zoom, and included a discussion panel with local Family Nurse Practitioner, Ruth Romo and Midwife, Sabrina Paulos. During this presentation, topics such as,  choosing to birth your child in a hospital or at home, working with a gynecologist in and out of a hospital setting, reproductive justice, advocating for clients of color, self-advocacy, and birth during Covid (navigating the new hospital environment in the age of the coronavirus) were explored. Speakers gave overviews of midwifery, the roles of a doula and the differences between a nurse practitioner and an OBGYN. Contraceptive needs for women and alternative reproductive options were also be explored during this panel. 

Ruth E. Romo, FNP-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner and the director of Full Circle Health Center. She offers a full range of health care services, with a special emphasis on prevention and wellness from a holistic perspective. Her specialty is women, from menarche through menopause. As an FNP, she provides services to all folks on the gender spectrum and children of all ages. She has been working in health care for over 20 years; first as a licensed midwife, then as an RN, and now as a Nurse Practitioner, all here on our southwestern US border. Her goal is to empower people with knowledge and access to high quality, affordable, evidence-based and patient-centered health care. Her services include, but are not limited to the following: annual exams, GYN exams, family planning including IUDs, testing and treatment of STI/Ds, PrEP, HCV treatment, MAT. She is a reproductive justice advocate and the cofounder of an advocacy group called the Las Cruces Coalition for Reproductive Justice, that works on reproductive issues, including abortion care, that affect our border area.

Sabrina Paulos has been working as a licensed midwife in New Mexico since 2017, supporting families on their journeys through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Practicing as a homebirth midwife, Sabrina loves being able to support individualized care plans, informed decision-making, and continuity of care with every birthing person to help them have the safe, empowered birth experience that everyone deserves.