OutsmART is a series of Saturday interactive art workshops exploring the power of art to impact children’s everyday lives.  All ages and experience levels are encouraged to attend.  Parents and guardians are invited to come to the classes.

Each workshop is related to artwork exhibited in the University Art Museum.  Last year, participants learned about traditional art practices, for example, making mosaics, monoprints, and retablos, but also tackled more conceptual topics like propaganda in art, cultural stereotypes, environmental issues, and even participated in performance art. 

The mission of OutsmART is to expose children to art through exploration and play through workshops in the NMSU University Art Museum focused on exhibitions, practicing artists, and participatory play-based creative learning activities that boost student confidence and imagination. Through these free mixed-media classes, we strengthen community ties, provide a resource for families and educators, and promote artistic skills that contribute to New Mexico’s creative economy. All workshops, as well as the culminating children’s art show, are free to the public.

Saturday, March 14, 2020, 1PM
Mama Create-Ups #1: Mama’s Leche: Michelle Hackney and New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force
OutsmART Children’s Program: Objects that Represent My Mother: Clay Creations
Zane Bennett Collection Study Room, RM 106 & Collab Lab, University Art Museum

Our first OutsmART children’s workshop will utilize Labor artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins’s artworks SAP and Lascaux Reprise as inspiration. After visiting Hutchins’s works in the Contemporary Gallery, the children will create a clay sculpture using recycled materials as a framing device to represent their mothers. This workshop will explore various images and ideas of a mother as the focal point for their child, as the source of food, transportation, comfort, and understanding. The clay sculptures the students create will showcase how they view their mothers.

Saturday, March 28, 2020, 1PM
Mama Create-Ups #2: The Facts About FMLA: Dulcinea Lara
OutsmART Children’s Program: Family Structures & Motherhood: Collage and Mixed Media
Zane Bennett Collection Study Room, RM 106 & Collab Lab, University Art Museum

Our OutsmART children’s Workshop #2 will draw inspiration from the artwork MotherLove by Labor featured artists Las Hermanas Igelsias. This work showcases the intergenerational relationships between family members and the conversations that happen between their creative practices. Using recycled materials the children will create a multi-layered collage portrait of their family, including objects and visual imagery that defines the different relationships present with each member of their family.

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 1PM
Mama Create-Ups #3: Carving Out Time For Your Art (Passions)
Artist/Mother Book-Heather Kirtland, Marissa Huber and Isadora Stowe
OutsmART Children’s Program: Mothers Day Creations: Paintings of Gratitude
Zane Bennett Collection Study Room, RM 106 & Collab Lab, University Art Museum

The OutsmArt Children’s Workshop #3 features Labor artist Joey Fauerso’s work You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make, which reflects on the joy of teaching one’s child about their passions, as well as the dynamic present in the parent-child relationship. In this workshop, the students will consider the ideas Fauerso discusses and make a series of carved stamps, using linoleum tile. The students will create their own designed stamp about their parents passions and use it to create a “painting of gratitude” for their parents.

Saturday, April 25, 2020, 1PM
Mama Create-Ups #4: Fostering or Adopting in New Mexico
Brandie White – Mesilla Valley CASA
OutsmART Children’s Program: Definitions of Motherhood: Interpretation/Draw Your Journey
Zane Bennett Collection Study Room, RM 106 & Collab Lab, University Art Museum

The OutsmArt Children’s Workshop #4 will feature Labor artist, Yoko Ono’s interactive work My Mommy is Beautiful. Instructors will showcase the different definitions of what a “mother,” “father,” or “family” is. After each child adds their scrap of paper to the work in the gallery, they will create a short storybook in which they illustrate different ways different individuals who they have chosen to call family have affected them thus far in life.

Saturday, May 23, 2020, 1PM
Mama Create-Ups #5: Doula, Midwife, and OBGYN Panel: Explore childbirth options in NM
OutsmART Children’s Program: Oil Pastel Drawings
Zane Bennett Collection Study Room, RM 106 & Collab Lab, University Art Museum

The OutsmArt Children’s Workshop #5 will feature Labor artist, Mary Kelly’s work Antepartum in order to facilitate a discussion about the different stages of human and animal pregnancies. As one of the original feminist artworks on motherhood, Antepartum depicts a baby in utero moving as Kelly runs her hand over her abdomen. The students will learn about the different stage at which humans and various animals develop certain anatomy and physical functions during pregnancy. With this introductory knowledge, the students will create an oil pastel drawing of the different stages of human/animal pregnancy or create a visual comparison of different species pregnancy growth stages and terms.

More Spring 2020 OutsmART programming will be announced soon. 

OutsmART is generously supported by Western Heritage Bank and Wells Fargo Bank