Re: Visioning the West- Banner Project


Twice a year, the UAG invites applicants to submit original works of art to be displayed as banners around the Art Department building in conjunction with the exhibition on display. The project’s objective is to create an outdoor gallery experience, which echoes the exhibition within the UAG.  The theme of this Banner Project asked artists of all levels, ages, and locations to create pieces inspired by the re-examination of the cliché and nostalgic Old West in order to see it in a fresh light.   The entries are in, and three artists—Beth Krensky, David Lash, and Jodi Stuart—have been selected from a large number of applicants to have their original artworks on display in conjunction with the 2015 Summer exhibition entitled, “Re: Visioning the West.”

Beth Krensky is an artist, activist, and educator whose art seeks to “provoke reflection about what is happening in our world as well as to create a vision of what is possible.”  Two banners have been chosen by Krensky, both of which consist of photographs of her performance pieces in which she integrates religion with her understanding of the idea of westward expansion. David Lash is an artist that has been drawn to wilderness from a very young age, and his artwork reflects this passion.  The banner that has been chosen by Lash considers the “precious and precarious” wildlife of the southwest.  Jodi Stuart is an artist originally from New Zealand, but moved to the United States in 2010.  She has been living and working in Denver since 2011, and has thus had a chance to acquaint herself with the American West.  The underlying theme of her artworks is the question of how we, in the highly digital and virtual world we live in, view ourselves and our environment.  The two banners chosen by Stuart are an “exaggerated rendering of the quintessential southwest,” with blue skies and red rocks depicted as a seemingly 3-dimensional “texture map”.

The banners will be on display throughout the duration of the “Re: Visioning the West” exhibition, which runs from May 21st through August 22nd.  The opening reception for this show will be Thursday, May 21st from 5-7pm in the UAG, and is free and open to the public.