The Near East Family: SIGHTsite|HEARhere #1: Ode to the West


 Tara and David Gladden create a site-specific audiovisual performance

SIGHTsite|HEARhere #1:  Las Cruces, NM, Ode to the West

University Art Gallery, 6pm

SIGHTsite|HEARhere is a serial project of immersive, audio/visual performances that combine audio/video field recordings of historically and culturally relevant locations with original music compositions and large scale, real-time video projections.  Performances are created out of material collected by the artists at regional sites familiar to the audience, establishing a connection between the insiderviewer/native and outsider artist/visitor.  Digital, real-time transformation of familiar material in the live performance setting creates a new perspective in which a now “shared familiar” becomes unfamiliar through processes that mediatize, re-contextualize, ultimately re-vision original material and expectations.  In this way, insider and outsider are united in a shared field of new experience.  The result is a poetic, cinematic journey, a reflection on the nature of relationship, perception, time, place, and memory.

SIGHTsite|HEARhere #1:  Ode to the West, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2015

Special Project in support of the exhibition, Re-Visioning the West

For this inaugural performance of SIGHTsite|HEARhere, we travel to New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, where we will visit White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, Organ Mountains and the Gila Cliff Dwellings. While in these places, we will hike the great trails and explore the beauty, mystery, and wonder of the West.  We will document our adventures and encounters in each place.  At the end of each adventure we will upload and catalog the visual and sonic material collected.  At the end of this process, we will construct an audiovisual performance for the Las Cruces community using the collected materials.


The artistic work of C. Tara and David Gladden includes audiovisual performance, installation, sound art, recording, animation and public art projects. Explorations are interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional often combining opposing elements and concepts in contexts that vary from project to project. Our work sometimes includes additional collaborators and we have completed many projects under the alias Near East Family. We are concerned with the incongruity between perception and reality and processes that lead to artistic, personal and collective metamorphoses.  Both C. Tara and David hold MFAs from Brooklyn College in Performance and Interactive Media Arts, a program devoted to interdisciplinary collaboration, integrating technology into the creative process.  David is a video/integrated media artist, musician/composer, writer and an Assistant Professor of New Media at Salisbury University.  Tara is a vocalist, composer/performer, sound/integrated media artist and yoga instructor. She is currently Galleries Manager at Salisbury University and a Lecturer teaching courses in Social Practice Art, Music Technology and Voice.

Their work has been presented in festivals and venues around the country including the the International Electro-acoustic Music Festival, NYC, Performance MIX Festival, NYC, Lumen Festival of Video, Sound and Performance Art, NYC, distENDed Cinema Series, NYC, Rehoboth Beach Film Festival, Delaware, The Living Theatre, NYC, the Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA, Baltimore Contemporary Museum, Oi Futuro Museum, Rio de Janiero, Dixon Place, NYC, Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, Judson Memorial Church, NYC, Artists Outpost Resources, NYC, The Mission for Temporal Arts, Ashville NC, and The United Nations.