Workshop with Paul Turounet



Paul Turounet is one of the featured artists in the UAG’s upcoming exhibition, “Between Here and There.”  He studied and photographed the Mexico/United States border for 10 years, during which time he made photographic ex-votos (also known as retablos).  “Through the use of steel, and later aluminum, the images reference in a contemporary manner 19th-century photographic tintypes and the Mexican religious iconography of the retablo: votive paintings prepared on sheets of tin that are an expression of gratitude from which the subject has been miraculously guided through a dangerous or threatening event with the divine intervention of a holy figure such as Christ, the Virgin, or the saints.”

Turounet will be here in the gallery to lead a work shop on making photographic ex-votos.  If you attend, you will be learning about this style of artwork, creating your own photographic ex-votos with the “border wall” installation in the gallery as the backdrop, and contemplating what the Mexico/United States border means to you.  If you wish to attend, you will need to RSVP here.