ART in Public Places

New Mexico State University (NMSU) Art in Public Places (AIPP) program, has selected, purchased and placed public art on campus, funded by the AIPP program of the New Mexico Arts Division (NMAD). Through a fair and open public process, committees made up of local and regional representatives work with NMSU staff and faculty on the ARTWORKS Committee and New Mexico Arts staff to select artwork for their communities. The AIPP Act directs one percent of the total state appropriation of new construction or renovation of any building to be expended for the acquisition of art.



Art Walking Tour Screenshot


Art Walking Tour Screenshot 2


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Old Walking Tour:


Walking Tour Brochure



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The intent of this brochure is to provide a map of artwork installed through the AIPP direct purchase initiatives and commissioned projects, for a self-guided tour around the university grounds.

NMSU is a land-grant institution and a comprehensive research university dedicated to teaching, research and service at all levels. NMSU is a Hispanic-serving institution and home to the University Art Museum and NMSU Permanent Art Collection which stewards many on campus public works.

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