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OutsmART Event- Embroidering a Feminist History

Saturday May 7th, 1:00pm 

Located at the UAM, with a digital option available for participation from home.

This OutsmART event will be led by Las Cruces based embroidery artist, Bethany Meier from Queer and Crafty Creations. Meier will lead students through a workshop to create their own embroidery artwork that symbolizes and reflects on important women in their lives. This workshop will include age-appropriate options for children, and will end with participants able to take their original artworks home with them! A digital version of the option will be available at the UAM’s website, and we encourage anyone who participates from home to post or send a photo of their artwork and tag the UAM. 

Bethany Meier-Evans is a local art vendor and the owner of Queer and Crafty Creations. She started embroidering as a pandemic hobby in the spring of 2020 and loved it so much that she has turned it into a successful small business! When Bethany is not making embroidered art or hanging out at local art shows, she enjoys spending time with her spouse and their pets! As someone who is passionate about women's rights, Bethany is excited to have an opportunity to connect women's history with her love of embroidery! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy @QueerandCraftyCreations! 




OutsmART is a series of Saturday interactive art workshops exploring the power of art to impact children’s everyday lives.  All ages and experience levels are encouraged to attend.  Parents and guardians are invited to come to the classes.


Each workshop is related to artwork exhibited in the University Art Museum.  Last year, participants learned about traditional art practices, for example, making mosaics, monoprints, and retablos, but also tackled more conceptual topics like propaganda in art, cultural stereotypes, environmental issues, and even participated in performance art. 


The mission of OutsmART is to expose children to art through exploration and play through workshops in the NMSU University Art Museum focused on exhibitions, practicing artists, and participatory play-based creative learning activities that boost student confidence and imagination. Through these free mixed-media classes, we strengthen community ties, provide a resource for families and educators, and promote artistic skills that contribute to New Mexico’s creative economy. All workshops, as well as the culminating children’s art show, are free to the public.


Saturday, June 20, 2020, 1PM MST (Offline workshop available by printing the PDF here. )

OutsmART Children’s Program: “Wild Beasts” Project for the Fierce Mama’s & Babes Artist to know: Henri Matisse with Mama’s Leche Illustrator: Mia Ortiz-Gandara 


Our first OutsmART children’s workshop was prepared by Mia Ortiz-Gandara, the illustrator of Mama’s Leche. Mia Ortiz-Gandara, an illustrator and public-school art teacher, lives in El Paso, Texas, with her husband and two sons. She offers private art instruction for people with special needs and is passionate about encouraging and building self-confidence in children by using art as a tool to communicate emotions. In Mia’s OutsmART event, “Wild Beasts,” colorful paper designs will be created, influenced by the artwork of Henri Matisse. With a simple material list of construction paper (magazines also work!), scissors, and glue, children will be able to complete the imaginative process of designing their own artwork! 


 The project is available now for the Mama Create-up event. Click here to download. 


Presented on Saturday, July 11, 2020, 1PM/ Available now online/offline as a self directed workshop:
OutsmART Children’s Program: Andy Warhol Animal Portraits a workshop by artist/mother Isadora Stowe


This OutsmArt Children’s Workshop was prepared by Isadora Stowe, an award-winning artist and arts educator. In Isadora’s OutsmART event, “Andy Warhol Animal Portraits” she explores instruction for how to use the blotted line technique used by Andy Warhol in his commercial work during the 1950’s. This technique combines drawing with basic printmaking and enabled Warhol to create a variety of illustrations along a similar stylistic theme. This process will be used to make unique colorful animal illustrations, with a simple material list of black india ink, watercolors, watercolor paper, tracing paper, paintbrush, and pencil! The full project description can be seen and followed here: https://uam.nmsu.edu/andy-warhol-animal-portraits/ This event was not live, and is prerecorded so your children can take part anytime from any where. 

Presented on Saturday, July 25, 2020, 1PM/ Available now online/offline as a self directed workshop:
OutsmART Children’s Program: Radial Patterns w/artist mother Zoe Spiliotis


This OutsmArt Children’s Workshop was prepared by Zoe Spiliotis, a local artist, arts educator and mother of two young artists. Zoe’s OutsmART event, Radial Patterns explores the use of radial symmetry and pattern to create beautiful and colorful designs inspired by mandalas (geometric configurations of symbols). With simple materials including paper, pencils, black permanent marker, a ruler, and coloring materials, such as, colored pencils, crayons, markers or watercolor paint, children will be able to design their own symmetrical artwork!  


The project description and material list is available here: https://uam.nmsu.edu/outsmart/ 

Saturday, August 15, 2020, 1PM (Online/Offline self directed workshop available) 
OutsmART Children’s Program: Stop Motion Animation a workshop by artist/mother Sharbani Das Gupta


This OutsmArt Children’s Workshop will be prepared by Sharbani Das Gupta an installation and sculpture artist who works with clay and other media. In this workshop Sharbani will demonstrate how to create a simple animation using playdoh, a pet rock, other commonly available materials, and a smartphone camera. The animation can then be completed by making a small flipbook or by using  simple online animation software.


If you do not have access to these materials, the UAM will be producing a limited amount of kits for local families designed for this project that will be safely prepared and sterilized, and can be picked up via drive-up on Saturday AM August 15th, between 10:00 -11:00 am MST in the University Art Museum parking lot located just outside Devasthali Hall on the east side. Please call 575-646-2545 for directions or for any questions. The full project description will be released athttps://uam.nmsu.edu/stopmotionanimation/ on Saturday August 15th, at 1PM in conjunction with the Mama Create-up event. This event is not live, and is prerecorded so your children can take part anytime from any where. 


 The project is available now for the Mama Create-up event. Click here to download. 

More Summer 2020 online OutsmART programming will be announced soon. 

OutsmART is generously supported by Western Heritage Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and US Bank