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The Better Show: #Bring Your Own
MFA Show, Spring 2022
April 21-May 14, 2022

The University Art Museum (UAM) is proud to announce The Better Show: #Bring Your Own 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition, featuring work by MFA candidates: Dina Perlasca, Carlos Lee Sullivan, and Katrina Laine.

The Better Show: #Bring Your Own is composed of three separate installations presented by Dina Perlasca, Carlos Lee Sullivan, and Katrina Laine that imagine spaces where the irresolvable can be resolved. Perlasca is a Mexican-American ceramicist looking for reconciliation between ideal and real domestic spaces using symbols to encode her heritage. Sullivan is an assemblage artist who creates fairy tales without resolutions, pointing at the emptiness in their structure. He seeks to create new forms of optimism and innocence in that emptiness. Laine is an installation artist giving permission to herself and others to take up space and time in order to heal from collective and personal trauma.



Judy Chicago, Marie Antoinette from the Great Ladies series, 1973, sprayed acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 in., private collection.
 © Judy Chicago/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Establishing Our Own Art History: The Influence of Judy Chicago
MA Show, Spring 2022
April 21-May 14, 2022

The University Art Museum (UAM) is proud to present the first Master’s of Art thesis exhibition in the UAM by MA candidate Courtney Uldrich. Establishing our Own Art History: The Influence of Judy Chicago, curated by Courtney Uldrich, explores themes produced throughout the career of leading Feminist artist Judy Chicago, while analyzing the impact of her work on other women-identified artists housed in the NMSU Permanent Art Collection at the University Art Museum (UAM). Through photography, video, prints, artists books, and an array of mixed-media works, the exhibition explores key concepts in Chicago’s career including: historical erasure of women; gender constructs; personal heritage and identity; environmental issues; and mortality. Expanding upon the scholarship of Judy Chicago’s career, this exhibition provides a critical look at how her work influenced and intertwined with other women-identified artists, principally Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ artists. In 2016 a new collecting mission was established to transition the UAM’s focus onto collecting significant works by leading female, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented artists to more accurately reflect the diverse cultural and social communities in the Southwest region. This curatorial project is an intentional step towards recognizing the continued focus of diversifying the NMSU Permanent Art Collection. Included artists such as Wendy Red Star, Paula Wilson, Rose B. Simpson, and Las Hermanas Iglesias, reflect how the lack of representation of this history is essential to contemporarily understanding these important topics.

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Margie and Bobby Rankin Retablo Gallery:



Saint Joseph & The Laborers 
This exhibition will be open by appointment beginning Saturday, February 20, 2020.
The University Art Museum (UAM) is excited to present Saint Joseph & The Laborers, the second exhibition in the newly created Margie and Bobby Rankin Retablo Gallery at the UAM. In Saint Joseph & The Laborers, the role of the laborer will be looked at through the lens of Mexican retablo imagery. Through acts of labor, humans fulfill the command found in Genesis to care for the earth, and the direction to be productive in their labors. Saint Joseph (San José), the foster-father of Jesus, was a carpenter in Nazareth, serving as a key example of the holiness of human labor. Before Spain had accepted Saint Joseph as a devotional saint, Mexico had already been the “chosen land of Saint Joseph” for several decades, his image disseminated in the common art of retablo painting. Saints such as the Archangels: Saint Michael and Saint Raphael (San Miguel y San Rafael), Saint Isidore (San Isidro), and Saint Vincent Ferrer (San Vicente Ferrer) are other key patrons of laborers in the Mexican Catholic faith, their imagery widespread across Mexican retablos displayed in this exhibition. In this exhibition, the UAM will display for the first time a Mexican bulto (statue), as well as other retablo paintings from the recent donation to the UAM Permanent Art Collection by leading retablo expert Gloria Fraser Giffords.
“Saint Joseph & The Laborers,” will be on display through Sept. 2021 and is curated by Courtney Uldrich, MA Candidate, 2021 as part of the course ART 597