ART practice / MOTHER practice

Art Practice / Mother Practice Video Release: Alone/Together
A video documenting the live performance by Art Practice / Mother Practice in collaboration with the New Mexico State University Art Museum.
Available: Saturday, May 2nd at 1PM MST- Ongoing

On Saturday, April 18th at 1PM, ART practice / MOTHER practice, a group formed of twelve New Mexican artists/mothers who meet monthly to read critical and personal writing, performed readings which reflected upon their personal experiences within this current climate. This powerful live performance was recorded live and will be on display throughout the ALONE/TOGETHER series. 

Participating Artists: Mira Burack, Sharbani Das Gupta, Megan Jacobs, Stephanie Lerma, Jessamyn Lovell, Thais Mather, Karen Mazur, Rachel Popowcer, Danila Rumold, Zoe Spiliotis, Isadora Stowe, and Linda Tratechaud. 


Loving Ourselves Back Together: As part of the writing and performance project artist Danila Rumold will recite a lovingkindness prayer, while cutting naturally dyed strips of canvas that are bound around her body like bandages. By receiving the medicine from botanical plants and the Metta practice, Rumold commits to loving herself and the world back together. In this 2 minute live zoom performance titled Loving Ourselves Back Together, Danila invited the audience to participate in this journey that we are alone/together in, by sending their prayers for themselves, a beloved other, a neutral person, a difficult person and one for all beings. Please watch the video and  participants can sent their prayers via e-mail with their address, to Marisa Sage:, between April 18th – May 18th. Rumold will write the prayers on the cut off strips and mail them back to participants.

Zoe Spiliotis: Alone? Not Quite

Zoe Spiliotis: Alone? Not Quite
This animated video illustrates the loss of Alone time Zoe felt after becoming a mother, and the different ways her family has found to be Together since. The moving dots in the video, track the movement of each of her family members during one full day of home quarantine. This piece explores how we have come together and created our own space confined within our home. 

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thumbnail_ALONE-TOGETHER-GRAPHIC.jpgART practice / MOTHER practice;
A writing and performance project in conjunction with the University Art Museum, Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020 exhibition. 
Took place on: April 18, 2020, 1PM, MST

 ART practice / MOTHER practice, is a group formed in New Mexico who meet monthly to read critical and personal writing, reflect and write about their experiences of art and motherhood, and create a supportive community for each other. In collaboration with the UAM, group founder Mira Burack has asked for short essay submissions from the ART practice / Mother practice group. Since artist/mothers are masters of trying to negotiate isolation/togetherness all the time, the artists were asked to reflect on their personal experiences within this climate. On Saturday April 18 at 1 PM, the readings were performed by the artists through zoom.