BFA Exhibition: “Truly, Lovingly, Viciously - BFA Thesis Exhibition”

Celia Alvarez Munoz Petrocault

April 25- May 11, 2024
Devasthalli Hall, University Art Museum
Closing Reception: Thursday, May 9, 2024; 5:30pm

Las Cruces, NM--The NMSU Department of Art is pleased to announce the 2024 BFA exhibition, Truly, Lovingly, Viciously, featuring the work of Reyes Chavez, Ace Gabrentina, Pamela Herrera-De Los Santos, Eleazar Maslian, Thaddeus McRae, and Trisha Quintero. Truly, Lovingly, Viciously will exhibit works studying the influence of culture, and relationships.

The exhibition will run from April 25th through May 11th, 2024 in the Mullennix Bridge Art Gallery and Serafino Art Gallery, located in Devasthali Hall at NMSU. Please join us for the artist panel talk on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 5:30pm at the Bleacher area in Devasthali Hall and closing reception on Thursday, May 9 at 5:30pm.

Artists Bio:

Reyes Chavez portrait

Reyes Chavez navigates his paintings into a realm of symbolism and culture where he creates a discussion influenced by his experiences that are based on difficult topics that have lasting psychological and emotional effects on children.

Ace Gabrentina Portrait

Ace Gabrentina focused on his experience as a Filipino immigrant and the unusual, fringed iconographies that comes from learning English and American culture through the internet as a child. He uses his inspiration from Filipino culture, entertainment media, and his religious deconstruction to experiment with the scale and form of wheel-thrown vessels.

Pamela Herrera De Los Santos

Pamela Herrera-De Los Santos focuses on creating narratives using portraiture photography and typography-based designs that reveal contemporary family structures and unique migrant experiences. With her artwork, she aims to shed light on internal and external struggles of identity, and, also, paying homage to her culture while simultaneously offering systemic critique.

Eleazar Maslian

Eleazar Maslian took notice of the lack of perspectival representation of the effects that American colonialism had on the Philippines. For his work, he uses image and digital collages that are printed on different mediums to compare the cultural identity between America and the Philippines.

Thaddeus McRae Portrait

Thaddeus McRae creates personal and explorative sculptural ceramics and painted works to examine faith in this modern age. Through experimentation and precise repetition, he builds a cross-referencing world of iconography where he reimagines mementos and imagery he cataloged in his upbringing.

Trisha Quintero

Trisha Quintero creates narratives that are influenced by her psychological experience with diet and fitness. She uses her paintings to criticize the oversaturation of diet and fitness fads, while also commentating on how our relationship with diet and fitness are influenced by the failures caused by the confusion and misinformation that is prominent in the media.