Katy Stuckel Lecture/Outing

Consumption Byproducts as Materials


Katy Stuckel

Stuckel seeks to symbolically repair the world by utilizing human consumption byproducts that are scavenged from the desert or donated by her audience. From these materials, she assembles two-dimensional works and sculptural forms. She considers the laborious and ritualized processes to be restorative and meditative. While her art is comprised of materials that are often obsolescent and expendable, the resultant forms are representations of our impermanence.

After speaking for a short time, Stuckel will lead visitors on a caravan outing. The group will depart the gallery by 10:30am to the site of collection. Travel time is 20-30 minutes. Please wear long pants, stable shoes (there is a lot of glass). Please bring sun block/hat, water, a snack, and whatever else you might need for about one hour outside.


Everyone is welcome to join in this FREE event!