Let’s Crash Together

A participatory work by artist Joey Fauerso in conjunction with New Mexico State University Art Museum, Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020 exhibition.
Saturday, April 11, 2020, 1PM

For this live simultaneous video performance “Let’s Crash Together” the artist joey Fauerso invited the world to participate in a collective collapse. Inspired by the work You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make, and in response to the instability of our current times, we invited all to build something impermanent with their children (or on their own!), something made from objects from their homes that could be knocked down. The idea was to connect virtually, expressing our collective frustrations by all crashing our set-ups at the same time. We were united in this gesture of creative destruction and were able to witness and record our collective crash. Enjoy the video above which documents the epic and joyous event. 

The Let’s Crash Together Tips and Guidelines Where:

When building your set-up:

Make sure you are building in a place with relatively good light.
Remember you will be recording your crash through Zoom, so make sure you either use your phone, or set up in front of your laptop.
Make sure you can see your whole set up on the screen.

When crashing your set-up:
Remember we will be crashing our set ups at 1pm, make sure that you have everything ready ahead of time, sign in early so that people can see you putting the finishing touches on your set up.
You can crash your set up any way you want, some things that have worked well for us are: throwing something at your set-up to topple it, using a broom or some other long stick to sweep everything down, use fishing wire to pull everything down at once, tackle your set-up head on!

We will be recording our collective crash, so you will be able to watch it afterwards.