Reveries: 2019 BFA Thesis Exhibition

BFA_2019-facebook-300x169.jpgThe University Art Gallery (UAG) is proud to present Reveries: 2019 BFA Thesis Exhibition, which features artwork by six BFA candidates: Debbie Jo Baxter, Angelica Jones, Bernadette Larimer, Raquel Madrigal, Saul Ramirez and Carissa Staples. The common thread between the artists in this exhibition is their exploration and use of unexpected media–pushing the boundaries of their respective art practices to tackle controversial issues, like self-image, identity, intimacy and the current world around them.

Baxter, Larimer and Staples use ceramic sculpture and mixed media to address and explore ideas such as social judgments provoked by food and the female body, divine femininity and mysticism in place, and the dichotomy of consumerism and nature. Baxter focuses on large scale ceramic sculptures taking control of the narratives and perspectives surrounding weight, the body and consumption. Larimer uses the ceramic medium to investigate place through the concept of the female divine and creation of organic forms. Through her ceramic sculptures, Staples comments on the conventions of the sublime through the process of decay in the anthropocene.

Jones, Madrigal and Ramirez use paint, installation and performance to investigate themes of female identity, gender and sexuality, and social practice in very diverse ways. Jones isa traditional painter who explores contemporary feminine subject matters, Madrigal incorporates performance art and wearables into her work commenting on gender norms and social concepts of human sexuality, and Ramirez challenges the concept of home by creating temporary, interactive, and nostalgic installations that utilize fabricated memories.

This exhibition will also be featured works by Trey Broomfield and Olivia Lemmons who are currently part of the BFA capstone course.Their installations will inhabit alternative spaces throughout D.W. Williams Hall, current home to the UAG.

Join us for the opening reception of Reveries: 2019 BFA Thesis Exhibition on Friday, April 26th, 2019, from 5:30pm to 7:30 p.m. in the UAG, in conjunction with dis-continuum: 2019 MFA Thesis Exhibition. Both receptions are free and open to the public.