Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection

Mata Ortiz sculpture

Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection
Date: 3/5/2024
Contact: Eva Gabriella Flynn; Education and Outreach Coordinator,
NMSU Art Museum,, 575-646-2185
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Las Cruces, NM - The University Art Museum (UAM) is delighted to announce the exhibition Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection in the Bunny Conlon Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery. Opening on March 22, 2024, at 5:30 pm and running until July 20, 2024, this exhibit showcases recent donations of Mata Ortiz pottery and prints to the NMSU Permanent Art Collection from Lysbeth Warren Anderson.

Led by Juan Quezada, the resurgence of traditional Casas Grandes and Paquimé pottery has evolved into the remarkable Mata Ortiz style. Defined by intricate and graceful abstraction as well as amorphous designs, the craftsmanship of Mata Ortiz reflects the unwavering determination of a family and an entire community. Following the recent passing of Juan Quezada in 2022, this exhibition also contemplates the enduring influence of Quezada’s re-articulation of Indigenous artistic techniques and his ability to inspire his community. Decades later, it reflects on the hundreds of Mata Ortiz artists who have continued to contribute to the growth of this art movement, fostering an entire community of people inspired by his pioneering work.

In the realm of contemporary ceramics, this Mata Ortiz exhibition invites viewers to witness the evolution of this distinct style that seamlessly blends tradition with modern and contemporary innovation. Handmade without a potter’s wheel, potters have developed their unique styles from the original Indigenous-inspired designs, highlighting the transformation of the tradition over the past five decades.

Showcasing the artistry of over 20 potters, this exhibit spotlights the significant contribution of early Mata Ortiz ceramics and prints by Lysbeth Warren Anderson to the NMSU Permanent Art Collection. Donated to NMSU in 2022, this distinctive collection marks the inaugural inclusion of Mata Ortiz pottery into the NMSU Permanent Art Collection. This exhibition includes works by artists: Abraham Rodriguez Mora, Andrés Villalba, Angel Amaya, Angel Guerrero Trillo, Damien E. Quezada, David Bejarano, Eduardo “Chevo” Ortiz Estrada, Hector Gallegos (Sr.) Esparza, Israel Sandoval, Jaime Quezada, Jesus Martinez, Juan Quezada, Julio Ledezma, Lydia Quezada Celado, Manuel Rodriguez Guillen, Mirna Hernández, Nicolas Quezada, Noe Quezada, Octavio Gonzalez, Olga Quezada, Oscar Gonzales Quezada, Rito Talavera Quezada, and Trinidad Silveira.

An alumna of Stanford University, Warren Anderson earned her bachelor’s degree in 1954, majoring in social science and social thought. Her extensive world travels and years dedicated to researching various areas of study allow her to blend interests in art, anthropology, geology, and history. In the mid-1970s, she was introduced to Walter P. Parks, an author dedicated to the research of Juan Quezada and Mata Ortiz pottery. She found that the designs and history of Mata Ortiz pottery bridged her previous interest and research in Southwest tapestries. Her fascination with Mata Ortiz pottery deepened as she learned about the origins of Juan’s practice and its impact across generations of artists from the region, leading her to collect a wide variety of potters and support the creation of nine rare prints by Quezada, also displayed in the exhibition.

Join us for the opening reception of Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm. For associated programming and events, visit the UAM’s website

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Image Credit: Eduardo “Chevo” Ortiz Estrada, Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of the NMSU Permanent Art Collection. Gift by Lysbeth Warren Anderson.

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